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Easton Press

Easton Press is a renowned American publisher specializing in the production of high-quality, collectible editions of classic literature, non-fiction works, and reference materials. Founded in 1958 by Louis and Richard Chait, Easton Press is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The hallmark of Easton Press publications is their luxurious presentation. Their editions are bound in premium leather, accented with 22-karat gold embossing and gilt-edged pages. Each volume is meticulously crafted to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal, making them sought-after by collectors and book enthusiasts alike.

• 22 kt. gold accents and lettering.
• Printed with acid neutral pages that are thread sewn, not glued together.
• Gold gilded page edges to further protect the pages.
• A silk page marker sewn into the binding.
• Raised spine bands that give each volume that distinctive antique look.
• Lustrous silk moirĂ© end paper.

Easton Press books

Easton Press Series

In addition to their standard editions, Easton Press offers exclusive collections, such as the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written series and the Library of Presidents, which features biographies of U.S. presidents. These collections often include special features such as archival-quality paper, satin ribbon markers, and custom-designed end papers.

Many of the themed book series include signed editions autographed by the author. Below you will find links to lists of Easton Press titles from some of their most popular book series.

Many of the individual book titles published by the Easton Press have limited production numbers or they were only printed for a limited time period. Many of these limited titles with are now out of print and may never be published again by the Easton Press. Please visit our author directories below to find Easton Press books by a specific author.

Gold gilt pages

Overall, Easton Press is celebrated for its dedication to preserving literary classics and producing exquisite editions that are cherished by readers and collectors worldwide.

Easton Press leather

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