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The Franklin Library was a division of The Franklin Mint that produced fine collector edition books over three decades ending in the year 2000. For this reason all Franklin Library editions are now considered "out of print" and are no longer available for sale from the Franklin Mint.

The Franklin Library produced books in three different binding styles: full genuine leather, imitation leather, and quarter bound genuine leather. While the first or full leather bound editions were produced through out the Franklin Library's full life span the other two styles (imitation and quarter bound) were only produced through the 1970's and 80's. Below are some of the characteristics found in all Franklin Library editions along with more detailed information about the different binding styles.

All Editions:
• High quality paper.
• Pages that are sewn not glued into the binding.
• Gold gilded page edges on all three sides.
• Raised spine bands that give each book that distinctive antique look.

Franklin Library

Franklin Library Books by Series:
100 Greatest Books Of All Time
100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature
25th Anniversary Edition of The Great Books of the Western World
Limited First Edition Society 
Pulitzer Prize Classics
Collected Stories of the Worlds Greatest Writers
World's Best Loved Books
Greatest Books of the Twentieth Century
Franklin Mystery Library (full leather and imitation)

Franklin Library Signed Books by Series

Signed Limited Editions
Signed First Editions

Imitation Leather (Leatherette) Book Series

Franklin Mystery Library (full leather and imitation)
Greatest Books of the World's Greatest Writers

Quarter Bound Book Series

Heirloom Library of the World's Greatest Books
Family Library of the World's Great Books
Oxford Library of the World's Great Books

We advise that all collectors use caution when ordering Franklin Library books online especially if you are new to collecting these books. The main problem encountered with many listings
is a failure to properly describe the binding style of the book being sold. Many sellers describe the imitation leather editions as full leather bound or they fail to describe the binding at all. The main reason for this error is a lack of knowledge on the part of the seller about Franklin Library books. The publishing year can not be used as a method determining the binding style as many titles were published in different styles in the same year. We also suggest caution when collecting certain series of titles such as the Franklin Mystery series as the Franklin Mystery series was produced in both full leather and imitation leather, however the full leather Franklin Mystery copies are rare. If ever you are unsure about the binding style try asking the seller specific questions like is it full leather? silk page marker or no page marker?

Full Leather 
The genuine full leather bound editions are the highest quality of the three. While most characteristics remained constant through out the different series and years of production the style of end papers varied from silk moiré to decorative paper. It can also be said that these books are equal to Easton Press books in both quality and beauty. Below are some of the characteristics that remained constant.
• Full genuine leather binding.
• 22k. gold lettering and stampings on the spine and covers.
• Attached silk page marker.

Franklin Library full leather

Imitation Leather or Leatherette 
The imitation leather editions were a cheaper version of the full leather editions. These books are bound in a coated cloth material that looks much like leather but is not genuine cow hide. These books also do not contain the silk page marker found in the other binding styles, and all have end papers that are decorative paper not silk moiré. While most titles have gold lettering and stampings some titles have silver lettering and stampings on the spine and covers. These editions may not be as high quality as the full leather editions, but they are still very attractive books that are more affordable to collect.  

Franklin Library imitation leather

Quarter Bound Leather
The quarter bound leather editions are the other cheaper alternative to the full leather editions. These books have a genuine leather bound spine with traditional cloth covered boards. Like the full leather editions these books also contain a silk page marker, however all have end papers that are decorative paper not silk moiré. The question of which is more attractive or hold a higher value between these books and the imitation leather editions is a matter of taste as it is more an issue of difference than quality.

Franklin Library quarter bound leather


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