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Religion books are among the most popular books in the world of book collecting. Many titles of religion books have been published in leather binding over the past centuries and in modern times. Below are lists of some of the popular leather bound religion books available to collectors.

Leather bound bibles

Easton Press Religion Books: 
The World's Great Religions - 6 volume set including the titles:
- Buddhism
- Catholicism
- Hinduism
- Islam
- Judaism
- Protestantism

Sacred Writings of the World's Great Religions - 6 volume set including the titles:
- The Bhagavad
- The Dhammapada
- The Gospels
- The Koran
- The Tao Te Ching
- The Torah

Founders of The Great Religions - 5 volume set including the titles:
- Buddha
- Confucius
- Jesus
- Moses
- Muhammad

Under God, Religion and American Politics by Gary Wills - 1990

A Life of Jesus by  Edgar J. Goodspeed - 2001

Dictionary of Christianity - 2002

The Illustrated Life of Jesus - 2003

The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions - 2003

The World Religions by Huston Smith (a single volume guide) - 2009

Palladium Press Religion Books: 
The Christianity Primer - Paul F. M. Zahl

Christian books 

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