Leather Bound Bibles

The leather bound Bible is the most common leather bound book in the World. Leather Bibles have been printed in many languages for centuries. The Bible throughout history was published using the most expensive an elaborate binding techniques. Modern leather Bibles are less elaborate than many antique leather Bibles, with the exception of Easton Press Bibles. While this site is dedicated to modern leather bound books, we feel the need to offer some information on antique leather bibles.

The Illustrated Family Bible
The leather illustrated family Bible is published by the Easton Press, 1997. The illustrated family leather Bible contains 384 pages of treasured Bible stories with text from the New Internation Bible version. With many large illustrations, it gives a visual understanding of the Bible.

The King James Holy Bible
The king James Holy Bible is published as an edition of the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written by the Easton Press 2005. This beautifully bound leather King James Bible contains both the old and new testaments in 823 pages.

Rembrandt Family Bible
The Rembrandt Family Bible is a large, 1384 page, luxurious leather bound Bible. Published by the Easton Press, this Bible measures 8 3/4" x 11 3/4". With 116 famous illustrations by Rembrandt, and a 225 page Bible encyclopedia.

The Illuminated Holy Bible
The Illuminated Holy Bible is a leather Renaissance style Bible containing the King James version of text. With 904 pages, and 875 illuminated illustrations, this is an exceptional Easton Press Bible.

Classic 1846 Illuminated Edition
The Classic 1846 Illuminated Bible is among the most beautiful leather Bibles currently published. This extraordinary Easton Press Bible presents over 1600 illustrations and over 1000 initial drop letters. The Classic 1846 Illuminated Bible is a reproduction of the rare edition that was first published just prior to the U.S. Civil War in 1846. This leather Bible also features the original 1846 illuminated illustrations from artists of the period.

 Catholic Edition of the New American Family Bible
The leather Catholic Holy Bible by the Easton Press is the complete Catholic edition New American Family Bible in 1256 pages. This Catholic Bible contains pages for recording family information such births and marriages. This is an essential heirloom Bible for any Catholic family.

Easton Press Bible Companions: 
The New Illustrated Companion to the Bible - 2003
The Complete Bible Handbook - 2003
Walking the Bible: A Photographic Journey by
Bruce Feiler - 2003
The Bible Dictionary
Biblica: The Bible Atlas - 2005

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