William F. Buckley Jr. Books

William F. Buckley Jr.

Easton Press William F. Buckley Jr. books:
Atlantic High: a celebration - nautical classics library - 1987
Racing through Paradise: a Pacific passage - 1991
Windfall: the end of the affair - signed first edition - 1992
Saving the Queen - 1996
Buckley: The Right Word - signed first edition - 1996
The Redhunter - signed first edition - 1999
Miles gone by - signed autobiography - 2004
Airbourne - signed (part of
6 volume nautical set)

Franklin Library William F. Buckley Jr. books:
The Story of Henry Todd - signed first edition - 1984
On the Firing Line - signed first edition - 1989



Atlantic High: A Celebration
Ostensibly the tale of his 1980 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic High is William F. Buckley's extended meditation on the pleasures of sailing and good company. Not surprisingly, as much thought seems to have gone into stocking the wine cellar as to charting out the route. Kon-Tiki, this is not, but nor is it meant to be. Instead, it is an essay on appreciation, and a chance for Buckley to share his spirited point of view and exercise his unique sense of humor.
After a leisurely, aside-filled discussion of other trips, Buckley sets out with several close friends and a photographer to make his second trans-Atlantic crossing. The first provided the basis for his popular book, Airborne. When asked by People magazine why he chose to make the journey again, Buckley replies with characteristic drollness, "the wedding night is never enough." It is a passion for sailing that motivates Buckley and enlivens his pages.
The book ranges fluidly from observation to speculation, from humorous character sketch to wry editorial commentary. It is peppered with anecdotes, including one in which Buckley, armed with a hacksaw, breaks into a boatyard to steal his own boat back from an unscrupulous repairman. In another, an aide to president Reagan calls to discuss a conflict brewing in Africa, and all Buckley can think about is the weather ahead of him and his crew.
The real focus of Atlantic High, however, is the voyage and the crewmembers who share it. From the Mujeres Islands to Fiji to Bermuda, to Sao Miguel and Gibraltar and beyond, the reader is treated to Buckley's observations of the places he visits and the people he encounters. A work as hard to categorize as Buckley himself, Atlantic High offers a glimpse into the good life on the high seas.

Racing through Paradise: A Pacific Passage
The third of Bill Buckley's brilliant sailing books, chronicling his 4,000-mile voyage across the Pacific with four close friends, including his son and a photographer. 150 black-and-white and 35 color photographs.

Windfall: The End of The Affair
1990 was a significant year for Buckley. He not only embarked on a sailing trip that forms the main subject of this book, but on several other major passages: the 40th anniversary of his marriage and his graduation from Yale, and the 35th anniversary of the founding of the National Review. 111 photographs, 27 in color. Line drawings.

Saving the Queen
Blackford Oakes has never been afraid of obeying orders. During the war, it’s what kept him alive. When he leaves the air force for Yale, Oakes is studious, temperate, and polite. He knows how to follow rules but he also knows the secret to breaking them: Never tell a little lie when a big lie will do. He’s exactly the man the CIA is looking for.
Just before Oakes graduates, an old friend recruits him to work for the Company. His military background, knowledge of French, and family in London make Oakes a perfect choice for the most glamorous role the CIA has to offer: deep-cover agent. When his 1st assignment reveals Soviet espionage inside Buckingham Palace and a plot against the young Queen, Oakes will throw the rulebook out the window.
Saving the Queen is the 1st book in the Blackford Oakes Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Buckley: The Right Word

Buckley’s provocative observations on the use and abuse of English, gathered for the first time in a single volume.

The Redhunter: A Novel Based on the Life of Senator Joe McCarthy
From the celebrated conservative comes a rich and complex novel about one of the most conspicuous political figures in American history Senator Joe McCarthy.

Miles Gone By: A Literary Biography

Here is a unique collection of fifty years of essays chosen to form an unconventional autobiography and capstone to his remarkable career as the conservative writer par excellence. Included are essays that capture Buckley's joyful boyhood and family life; his years as a conservative firebrand at Yale; the life of a young army officer; his love of wine and sailing; memories of his favourite friends; the great influences of music and religion; a life in politics; and exploring the beauty, diversity, and exactitude of the English language.


The Story of Henry Todd
In the summer of 1961 just as the Berlin Wall is about to slam shut the last escape route out of Eastern Europe, President Kennedy needs to know what the Soviets are up to, and Blackford Oakes is sent to Germany to get the answers. When Oakes's contact, Henri Tod, turns up missing, Blackford locks horns with East Germany's unscrupulous communist boss.

On the Firing Line: The Public Life of Our Public Figures
Writing out of the unique experience of 23 years of the Firing Line television series, Bill Buckley, in his inimitable style, and his astonishing guests relive and explore many of the main issues of this quarter of the 20th century in excerpts and commentary. A provocative book full of discussion, fireworks and laughter!

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