William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats

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The Poems of William Butler Yeats - 100 Greatest Books Ever Written - 1976
Selected Poems - 1992

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William Butler Yeats biography

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was an Irish Poet and play writer who was born in Shandymount Ireland. He was educated in London, but studied art in Ireland. His father was the Irish painter John Butler Yeats who introduced William to painting. His interest in art was short lived, and following the publication of Mosada in 1886, he focused his attention to writing.

In 1887 William Butler Yeats took up residence in London, England and became friends with local poets such as William Morris, and Arthur Symons. Two years later he published his first collection of lyrical poems titled The Wanderings of Oisin.

Following his return to Ireland in 1896, William Butler Yeats met and formed a relationship with Maud Gonne who introduced him to the Irish nationalist movement. Three years later he helped create the Irish Literary Theatre, which was later renamed the Irish National Theatre Society. In 1904 William Butler Yeats began to write plays for the Abbey Theatre which was created by the Irish National Theatre Society. During this time he began to take the position of the most prominent figure in Irish literature. In 1917 he married Georgie Lees an Irish woman who claimed to posses supernatural powers. Following his marriage he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923, and served as a senator in the Irish Free State. It was his wife's claims of communication with the dead that inspired William Butler Yeats to write A Vision in 1925.

William Butler Yeats traveled to the United States numerous times during his life, and gave lectures at a number of institutions.

Over his career William Butler Yeats changed the tone of his writing at various stages. His early poems such as The Wind Among the Reeds, The Countess Kathleen, and The Land of Heart's Desire are rich in style, cheerful and highly detailed. His later poems and plays took on a more serious, mystical and restrained tone as seen in The Hour Glass, The Shadowy Waters, and The Green Helmet. His final poems and plays are again mystical, but less restrained as seen in The Tower, The Player Queen, and The Winding Stair. The final poems and plays of William Butler Yeats are generally considered his best work. Among the notable plays, poems, and essays of William Butler Yeats are:
Mosada - 1886
The Wanderings of Oisin - 1889
The Countess Kathleen - 1892
The Celtic Twilight - 1893
The Land of Heart's Desire - 1894
Collected Poems - 1895
The Secret Rose - 1897
The Wind Among the Reeds - 1899
Shadowy Waters - 1900
Cathleen Ni Houlihan - 1902
Ideas of Good and Evil - 1903
The Hour Glass - 1903
Deidre - 1907
The Green Helmet - 1910
The Cutting of an Agate - 1912
Responsibilities - 1914
Reveries over Childhood and Youth - 1915
The Wild Swans at Coole - 1917
The Player Queen - 1919
The Second Coming - 1920
Plays for Dancers - 1921
Later Poems - 1922
The Trembling of the Veil - 1922
Plays and Controversies - 1923
The Cat and the Moon, and Certain Poems - 1924
A Vision - 1925
Estrangement - 1926
October Blast - 1927
The Tower - 1928
The Winding Stair - 1929
The Words Upon the Window Pane - 1934
The King of the Great Clock Tower - 1934
A Full Moon in March - 1935
Dramatis Personae - 1935
Purgatory - 1938
New Poems - 1938

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