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Wilkie Collins

Easton Press Wilkie Collins books:
The Moonstone - 1959
The Woman in White - 1993

Franklin Library Wilkie Collins books:
The Moonstone - World's Best Loved Books - 1984
The Moonstone - Library of Mystery Masterpieces - 1988

William Collins, better known as Wilkie Collins (1824-89) was a British novelist who was born in London, and educated privately. From 1841 to 1846 he clerked in a London firm of tea merchants. Later Wilkie Collins was admitted to the bar. His first novel, Antonina; or, The Fall of Rome (1850), is a historical romance. In 1851 Wilkie Collins met the British novelist Charles Dickens, and the two writers became close associates, each influencing the work of the other. They collaborated in writing the novel No Thoroughfare (1867). Collins is best known for his masterpieces The Woman in White (1860) and The Moonstone (1868), both mystery novels. Like many of his other works, these novels were first published in periodicals edited by Dickens. In later works Wilkie Collins was primarily concerned with social problems.

Wilkie Collins strongly influenced the technical development of the English novel, especially the detective novel, by creating a new type of fiction in which character counts for little and the greatest importance attaches to the construction of a plot designed to baffle the reader. Among Wilkie Collins' other writings are travel sketches published as Rambles Beyond Railways (1850-51); a series of ghost stories entitled After Dark (1856); and many novels, including The Dead Secret (1857), No Name (1862), Armadale (1866), The New Magdalene (1873), and The Legacy of Cain (1888).

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