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Warren Adler (1927–2019) was an American author best known for his prolific career as a novelist, playwright, and essayist. Born on December 16, 1927, in Brooklyn, New York, Adler's work spanned various genres, including mystery, thriller, and family drama. Warren Adler grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Brooklyn Technical High School and then served in the U.S. Army during World War II. After the war, he enrolled at New York University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in English literature.
Warren Adler is the acclaimed author of 25 novels, published in 30 languages. Two of his books, The War of the Roses and Random Hearts were made into major motion pictures. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and New York City. Ken and Sheila Kramer have a comfortable life and loving marriage. But when Ken is introduced to Carol, the wife of his wife's major client, we discover that she is Ken's old flame, the love of his life and the object of his sexual obsession as a young man. Carol has totally reinvented herself and married a rich husband who has no knowledge of her early life. While unbeknownst to Ken, his wife is carrying on a steamy affair with her client, Carol's husband. When love and sexual obsession again bursts into flames between Ken and Carol, the plot of this masterful black comedy thickens as both couples embark on an African Safari with startling and tragic results. The author of The War of the Roses surpasses himself with this powerful novel of love and betrayal, sexual passion and emotional obsession. It is storytelling at its dramatic best and once again shows Warren Adler's indisputable mastery of contemporary marital relationships. A masterpiece of gallows humor. .New York Daily News "Warren Adler does for infidelity and betrayal what his The War of the Roses did for incompatibility and greed. He has with delicious tension, carved out the state of matrimony as his exclusive theater of war."
Adler began his professional career in the world of advertising, working for agencies in New York City. He later transitioned to writing and became a successful copywriter. This early experience in advertising and marketing would later influence his writing style. Warren Adler achieved literary success with his debut novel, Undertow (1979), a psychological thriller. However, he is perhaps best known for his novel The War of the Roses (1981), which was adapted into a successful film starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. The War of the Roses explores the dark humor and complexities of divorce.

Throughout his career, Adler wrote numerous novels, short stories, and plays. His works often delved into themes of family dynamics, relationships, and the intricacies of human behavior. Some of his other notable novels include Random Hearts, Private Lies, and The Sunset Gang.
Apart from his creative pursuits, Warren Adler was an entrepreneur and a strong advocate for authors' rights. He founded the Jackson Hole Writer's Conference and served as the president of the Mystery Writers of America. Adler was also involved in film and television adaptations of his works.

In his later years, Warren Adler continued to write and publish novels, maintaining a dedicated readership. He explored diverse themes and genres, showcasing his versatility as a storyteller. Warren Adler passed away on April 15, 2019, at the age of 91. Despite his death, his literary legacy endures through his extensive body of work and the impact he had on the literary and film worlds. Warren Adler's contributions to literature, particularly in the realms of fiction and drama, have left a lasting imprint. His ability to weave compelling narratives and explore the complexities of human relationships has resonated with readers and audiences alike.

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