Vonda N. McIntyre Books

Vonda N. McIntyre

Easton Press Vonda N. McIntyre books:
Starfarers - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1989
Dreamsnake - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1990
Transition - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1990
The Moon and The Sun - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 2001

Vonda N. McIntyre Starfarers
In the first in the Starfarers series of novels, the commander of the Starfarer spacecraft, scientist Victoria MacKenzie, must battle her own commanders on Earth to keep on her mission to find extraterrestrial life.

Vonda N. McIntyre signed

Transition - Starfarers Book 2
The second novel in the Starfarers series continues the adventures of the crew of the Starfarer spacecraft as they search for alien civilizations while coping with a hidden saboteur.
Vonda N. McIntyre Science Fiction

Easton Press Vonda N. McIntyre


In a far-future, post-holocaust Earth, a young healer named Snake travels the world, healing the sick and injured with her companion, the alien dreamsnake. But she is being pursued. . . .

The Moon and The Sun
In seventeenth-century France, Louis XIV rules with flamboyant ambition. In his domain, wealth and beauty take all; frivolity begets cruelty; science and alchemy collide. From the Hall of Mirrors to the vermin-infested attics of the Chateau at Versailles, courtiers compete to please the king, sacrificing fortune, principles, and even the sacred bond between brother and sister. By the fiftieth year of his reign, Louis XIV has made France the most powerful state in the western world. Yet the Sun King's appetite for glory knows no bounds. In a bold stroke, he sends his natural philosopher on an expedition to seek the source of immortality the rare, perhaps mythical, sea monsters. For the glory, of his God, his country, and his king, Father Yves de la Croix returns with his treasures: one heavy shroud packed in ice...and a covered basin that imprisons a shrieking creature.


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