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Vincent Bugliosi, a renowned American attorney, author, and prosecutor, was born on August 18, 1934, in Hibbing, Minnesota. Raised in a working-class Italian-American family, Bugliosi developed a strong work ethic and a determination that would characterize his future endeavors. After earning his law degree from the University of Miami Law School in 1964, Bugliosi began his legal career as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles. His skills as a prosecutor quickly became apparent, and he gained widespread recognition for his successful handling of high-profile cases.

Bugliosi's most famous case came in 1971 when he served as the prosecutor in the trial against Charles Manson and several of his followers for the gruesome Tate-LaBianca murders. His meticulous and compelling prosecution resulted in convictions for Manson and several of his accomplices. Bugliosi's book about the trial, Helter Skelter (co-written with Curt Gentry), became a bestseller and solidified his reputation as a formidable legal mind. Beyond the Manson trial, Bugliosi handled numerous other significant cases during his tenure as a prosecutor, earning a reputation for his tenacity and dedication to justice. His legal career spanned decades, and he left an indelible mark on the criminal justice system.

In addition to his work in the courtroom, Bugliosi was a prolific author. His books covered a wide range of topics, from true crime to political analysis. Notable among his works is And the Sea Will Tell (1991), co-written with Bruce B. Henderson, which detailed a murder case on Palmyra Atoll. Another prominent work, Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder (1996), analyzed the controversial O.J. Simpson trial. Bugliosi's writing often displayed a keen analytical mind and a commitment to unraveling complex legal issues for a broader audience. He continued to contribute to legal and political discourse through his books, articles, and media appearances.

Vincent Bugliosi's career was marked by a relentless pursuit of justice, an unwavering commitment to the truth, and a unique ability to communicate complex legal matters to the public. His legacy extends not only through his contributions to the legal field but also through the enduring impact of his writings on true crime and legal analysis. Bugliosi passed away on June 6, 2015, but his influence on the American legal landscape and popular understanding of criminal justice endures.


Helter Skelter - The True Story of the Manson Murders

The true story behind the most infamous mass murder case ever and its perpetrator, the notorious criminal Charles Manson.

On August 9th 1969, seven people were found shot, stabbed and bludgeoned to death in Los Angeles. America watched in fascinated horror as the killers were tried and convicted. But the real questions went unanswered. How did Manson make his 'family' kill for him? What made these young men and women kill again and again with no trace of remorse? Did the murders continue even after Manson's imprisonment?

No matter how much you think you know about this case, this book will still shock you.

Prosecuting attorney in the Manson trial, Vincent Bugliosi held a unique insider's position in one of the most baffling and horrifying cases of the twentieth century: the cold-blooded Tate-LaBianca murders carried out by Charles Manson and four of his followers. What motivated Manson in his seemingly mindless selection of victims, and what was his hold over the young women who obeyed his orders? Here is the gripping story of this famous and haunting crime.

In the summer of 1969, in Los Angeles, a series of brutal, seemingly random murders captured headlines across America. A famous actress (and her unborn child), an heiress to a coffee fortune, a supermarket owner and his wife were among the seven victims. A thin trail of circumstances eventually tied the Tate-LeBianca murders to Charles Manson, a would-be pop singer of small talent living in the desert with his "family" of devoted young women and men. What was his hold over them? And what was the motivation behind such savagery? In the public imagination, over time, the case assumed the proportions of myth. The murders marked the end of the sixties and became an immediate symbol of the dark underside of that era.

Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecuting attorney in the Manson trial, and this book is his enthralling account of how he built his case from what a defense attorney dismissed as only "two fingerprints and Vince Bugliosi." The meticulous detective work with which the story begins, the prosecutor's view of a complex murder trial, the reconstruction of the philosophy Manson inculcated in his fervent followers... these elements make for a true crime classic. Helter Skelter is not merely a spellbinding murder case and courtroom drama but also, in the words of The New Republic, a "social document of rare importance."

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