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Easton Press Victor Appleton books:
The Tom Swift Classics Set - 2005 - including the following books :
Tom Swift and His Motorcycle, or, Fun and Adventure on the Road
Tom Swift and His Motor Boat, or, The Rivals of Lake Carlopa
Tom Swift and His Airship: or, The Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud
Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure
Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout, or, The Speediest Car on the Road
Tom Swift and His Wireless Message, or, The Castaways of Earthquake Island


Tom Swift is the main character of five series of American juvenile science fiction and adventure novels that emphasize science, invention and technology. First published in 1910, the series total more than 100 volumes. The character was created by Edward Stratemeyer, the founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book-packaging firm. Tom's adventures have been written by various ghostwriters, beginning with Howard Garis. Most of the books are credited to the collective pseudonym "Victor Appleton." The 33 volumes of the second series use the pseudonym Victor Appleton II for the author. For this series, and some of the later series, the main character is "Tom Swift, Jr." New titles have been published as recently as 2007. Most of the various series emphasized Tom's inventions. The books generally describe the effects of science and technology as wholly beneficial, and the role of the inventor in society as admirable and heroic. Translated into many languages, the books have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Tom Swift has also been the subject of a board game and a television series. Several famous people, including Steve Wozniak and Isaac Asimov, have cited "Tom Swift" as an inspiration. Several inventions, including the Taser, have been inspired allegedly by Swift's fictional inventions. "TASER" is said to be an acronym for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle."

Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road
Eighteen year old inventor and mechanical genius, Tom Swift longs to have a motor cycle. Suddenly, one nearly lands in his lap and the distraught owner sells it to Tom. While it runs well. Tom knows that he can make improvements to it to make it run smoother and. more importantly, faster. He has problems with his teenage rival, Andy Foger, who is forever trying to outdo Tom. But now, a mysterious gang of thieves have come to Shopton and Tom hopes to leave Andy in the dust as he tries to unravel the mystery behind the thieves, and a strange hobo who appears just when it is the most inconvenient for our hero. Tom is attacked and waylaid by the gang when they discover that he is on their trail.

Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat, or, the Rivals of Lake Carlopa
"Where are you going, Tom?" asked Mr. Barton Swift of his son as the young man was slowly pushing his motor-cycle out of the yard toward the country road. "You look as though you had some object in view." "So I have, dad. I'm going over to Lanton." "To Lanton? What for?" "I want to have a look at that motor-boat." "Which boat is that, Tom? I don't recall your speaking about a boat over at Lanton. What do you want to look at it for?"

Tom Swift and His Airship: or, The Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud
“He depressed the rudder, and the Red Cloud shot earthward. Then, as the airship was turned about, the young inventor was allowed to try his hand at managing it. He said, afterward, that it was like guiding a fleecy cloud.”

Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure
Tom Swift's father, Barton Swift, is a great inventor with many patents and project sold to both private enterprises and the Government. Now, Tom joins him as they set out to test a new deep diving submarine Barton has build to try to secure a military contract. Driven by a radically new form of propulsion, it is up against other submarines, but their primary opponent is an unscrupulous man who will do everything possible including attacking the Swifts-to win that contract. Things take a turn when a gold-laden ship sinks off the coast of South America, and it becomes a race both in distance and diving ability to see which submarine will win the contract and also get that gold.

Tom Swift and His Wireless Message, or, The Castaways of Earthquake Island
Tom Swift and His Wireless Message is a science fiction novel by Victor Appleton, the pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate to produce several series of adventure books for children and young adults. This book is part of the Tom Swift series. The story follows the adventures of Tom Swift, a young inventor and scientist, as he travels to Earthquake Island to rescue a group of castaways who have been marooned there. Using his wireless message device, Tom must find a way to rescue the castaways, survive the earthquakes and treacherous terrain, and overcome other obstacles along the way. The book showcases Tom's ingenuity, bravery, and perseverance as he faces challenges and saves the day.

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