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Collected Poems 1909 to 1962 - 100 Greatest Books of All Time - 1976
Collected Poems 1909 to 1962 - 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature - 1978
Collected Poems 1909 to 1962 - Greatest Books of the Twentieth Century - 1979

T.S. Eliot biography
Poet, dramatist, critic, and editor, T. S. Eliot was one of the defining figures of twentieth-century poetry.
The collected poems of T.S. Eliot, 1909-1962 is a comprehensive anthology of the poems of one of the most significant poets of the modernist movement. T.S. Eliot's poetry has had a profound influence on modern literature, and this collection brings together his complete body of work, from his earliest poems to his later, more experimental works.
The collection includes some of Eliot's most famous poems, including "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," "The Waste Land," and "Four Quartets." These poems are often cited as some of the most important works of modernist literature and are known for their complex structure, vivid imagery, and deeply philosophical themes.

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