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The Wings of the Morning - signed first edition - 1990

Thomas Tryon biography

Thomas Tryon was born on January 14, 1926, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, and passed away on September 4, 1991. He was an American actor turned author, best known for his psychological thrillers and horror novels. Before his career as a novelist, Tryon pursued acting, gaining recognition for his roles in Broadway productions and Hollywood films during the 1950s and 1960s. However, he eventually transitioned to writing, finding success as a novelist.

The Wings of the Morning, published in 1990, is one of Tryon's notable works. The novel explores themes of family secrets, psychological trauma, and supernatural elements, drawing readers into a gripping and suspenseful narrative. Tryon's other well-known novels include The Other (1971), which was adapted into a successful film, and Harvest Home (1973), a chilling tale of rural horror. His writing often delved into the darker aspects of human nature, blending elements of horror, suspense, and psychological insight.

Despite his relatively short career as a novelist, Tryon left a lasting impact on the genre of psychological horror. His works continue to be appreciated by readers for their evocative storytelling and exploration of the macabre. Thomas Tryon's legacy as an author remains significant in the realm of horror literature, with his novels continuing to captivate readers with their haunting narratives and psychological depth.

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