Thomas M. Disch

Thomas M. Disch

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On Wings of Song - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1993

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Author Thomas M. Disch

Thomas Michael Disch was an American author, poet, and literary critic born on February 2, 1940, in Des Moines, Iowa. A versatile and prolific writer, Disch made significant contributions to science fiction, poetry, and criticism during his career. His work often explored dark and satirical themes, addressing the complexities of human nature and society. Disch's interest in literature and speculative fiction developed early in his life. He attended Saint John's University in Minnesota and later studied at the University of Kansas. In the 1960s, he became associated with the New Wave science fiction movement, a literary movement that sought to break away from traditional science fiction conventions.

His first major success came with the publication of his science fiction novel, The Genocides (1965), which explored the consequences of an alien invasion. Disch continued to establish his reputation as a unique voice in the genre with works like Camp Concentration (1968), a novel that delves into the moral and psychological implications of a government experiment. One of Disch's most well-known works is 334 (1972), a speculative fiction novel that paints a dystopian portrait of New York City in the near future. He also penned the critically acclaimed On Wings of Song (1979), which earned him a nomination for the Nebula Award.

Apart from his contributions to science fiction, Disch was an accomplished poet, receiving acclaim for collections such as "Burn This" (1982) and "Dark Verses & Light" (1991). His poetry often displayed a sharp wit and a keen understanding of human nature.

In addition to his creative works, Disch worked as a literary critic, contributing reviews and essays to various publications. He had a particular interest in examining the intersection of literature and popular culture. However, despite his successes, Disch faced challenges, including financial difficulties and periods of depression. Tragically, he took his own life on July 4, 2008, in his New York City apartment. Thomas M. Disch left behind a diverse and influential body of work that continues to be appreciated for its depth, originality, and thought-provoking themes. His contributions to science fiction, poetry, and criticism have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

On Wings of Song

In a disturbing vision of the future, Daniel Weinreb leaves behind the repression and censorship of the Midwest to pursue a career in New York, despite the famine and poverty of the overpopulated East Coast.

Named one of science fiction's 100 best books by noted genre editor David Pringle, Thomas M. Disch's On Wings of Song is at once allegory, social satire, political fable, and brilliantly written science fiction of the ultimate out-of-body experience. In Disch's dazzlingly imagined future America, Daniel Weinraub dreams of escaping the repressive midwest of the mid-twenty-first century through an electronic device with which the user takes flight into cyberspace when activated with a quasi-musical code called "The Symphonette." Daniel's adventures take him from Iowa's God-fearing police state and its "correctional" labor camps for the sinful to Manhattan's mean streets and "cyberspatial flight paths."

On Wings of Song

Easton Press Thomas M. Disch Masterpieces of Science Fiction

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