Sir Edmund Hillary Books

Sir Edmund Hillary books

Easton Press Sir Edmund Hillary books:
View From The Summit - signed edition - 1999
High Adventure - signed edition - 2003

Sir Edmund Hillary signed
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Easton Press Sir Edmund Hillary

Edmund Hillary biography
Edmund Hillary was a New Zealand apiarist and mountain climber, who was born in Auckland, and educated at Auckland Grammar School. During World War Two he served in the New Zealand Air Force.

An experienced skier and mountaineer, Edmund Hillary participated in expeditions to the Himalaya in 1951 and 1952. Edmund Hillary joined the British Mt. Everest Expedition of 1953 as one of the chief climbers. Together with the Nepalese Sherpa mountain climber Tensing Norgay, Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mt. Everest on May 29, 1953. Later that year Edmund Hillary was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for his achievement. Beginning in late 1956 Hillary headed the New Zealand party of the British Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, an expedition organized in connection with the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958. Edmund Hillary subsequently led several Himalaya expeditions. Sir Edmund Hillary is the author of a number of books including High Adventure and View from the Summit, both were published as signed editions by the Easton Press. Among his other books are East of Everest, No Latitude for Error and High in the Thin Cold Air.

Sir Edmund Hillary

High Adventure: The True Story of the First Ascent of Everest
Fear lives among Everest's mighty ice-fluted faces and howls across its razor-sharp crags. Gnawing at reason and enslaving minds, it has killed many and defeated countless others. But in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay stared into its dark eye and did not waver. On May 29, they pushed spent bodies and aching lungs past the achievable to pursue the impossible. At a terminal altitude of 29,028 feet, they stood triumphant atop the highest peak in the world.
With nimble words and a straightforward style, New Zealand mountaineering legend Hillary recollects the bravery and frustration, the agony and glory that marked his Everest odyssey. From the 1951 expedition that led to the discovery of the Southern Route, through the grueling Himalayan training of 1952, and on to the successful 1953 expedition led by Colonel John Hunt, Hillary conveys in precise language the mountain's unforgiving conditions. In explicit detail he recalls an Everest where chaotic icefalls force costly detours, unstable snow ledges promise to avalanche at the slightest misstep, and brutal weather shifts from pulse-stopping cold to fiendish heat in mere minutes.
In defiance of these torturous conditions, Hillary remains enthusiastic and never hesitates in his quest for the summit. Despite the enormity of his and Norgay's achievement, he regards himself, Norgay, and the other members of his expedition as hardworking men, not heroes. And while he never would have reached the top without practiced skill and technical competence, his thrilling memoir speaks first to his admiration of the human drive to explore, to understand, to risk, and to conquer.

View From The Summit

View from the Summit: The Remarkable Memoir by the First Person to Conquer Everest
Adventurers the world over have been inspired by the achievements of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man ever to set foot on the summit of Mount Everest. In this candid, wry, and vastly entertaining autobiography, Hillary looks back on that 1953 landmark expedition, as well as his remarkable explorations in other exotic locales, from the South Pole to the Ganges. View From The Summit is the compelling life story of a New Zealand country boy who daydreamed of wild adventures; the pioneering climber who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth after scaling the world's tallest peak; and the elder statesman and unlikely diplomat whose groundbreaking program of aid to Nepal continues to this day, paying his debt of worldwide fame to the Himalayan region.
More than four decades after Hillary looked down from Everest's 29,000 feet, his impact is still felt in our fascination with the perils and triumphs of mountain climbing, and in today's phenomenon of extreme sports. The call to adventure is alive and real on every page of this gripping memoir.

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