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Martian Rainbow - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1991


Robert L. Forward biography

Robert L. Forward (1932-2002) was a visionary American physicist, engineer, and science fiction author known for his groundbreaking contributions to space exploration and speculative science. Born on August 15, 1932, in Geneva, New York, Forward's insatiable curiosity and passion for the mysteries of the universe propelled him into a distinguished career that seamlessly blended scientific inquiry with imaginative storytelling. Forward earned his Ph.D. in gravitational physics from the University of Maryland in 1965, marking the beginning of his illustrious scientific journey. His early work focused on theoretical studies of gravitational radiation and general relativity, showcasing his intellect and innovative thinking in the field of theoretical physics.

In the 1970s, Forward became a key figure in the field of interstellar travel, particularly with his research on advanced propulsion systems. He proposed innovative concepts such as the "Starwisp," a thin sail propelled by microwaves, and the "Forward Mass Detector," a spacecraft capable of detecting and deflecting oncoming interstellar dust. These ideas, while not fully realized during his lifetime, laid the groundwork for future discussions on interstellar exploration.

Beyond his scientific endeavors, Forward's literary talents flourished in the realm of science fiction. His novels, including Dragon's Egg (1980) and Starquake (1985), showcased his ability to blend hard science with captivating storytelling. Dragon's Egg is particularly renowned for its exploration of life on a neutron star, where beings evolve at a staggering pace due to the extreme gravitational conditions. Throughout his career, Forward maintained a strong connection between his scientific pursuits and his passion for speculative fiction. He effectively bridged the gap between the scientific community and the general public, making complex concepts accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

Robert L. Forward's influence extended beyond the confines of academia and literature. He was a fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, the American Physical Society, and the International Academy of Astronautics. His innovative thinking and dedication to the exploration of the cosmos left an indelible mark on both the scientific and science fiction communities. Robert L. Forward passed away on September 21, 2002, but his legacy endures in the ongoing quest for interstellar exploration and the boundless realms of scientific imagination. His work continues to inspire scientists, engineers, and science fiction enthusiasts to reach for the stars and explore the mysteries of the universe.


Martian Rainbow

Mars starts out as a battlefield, but soon both armies find themselves united against a charismatic dictator of all Earth, who is demanding that they return or be destroyed. Their only hope is to turn Mars into a new home, which they do, with the aid of some ancient “caretakers” of the planet.


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