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Robert Frost biography

Robert Lee Frost (1874-1963) was an American poet and teacher who was born in San Francisco California, and attended school at Dartmouth College and Harvard University. Robert Frost's ancestors settled in New England in 1634. In 1885 his father died and he moved with his mother to Lawrence Massachusetts, where he completed his high school education. After graduation he sporadically attended college and earned his living by working as a bobbin boy in a wool mill, a shoemaker, country school teacher, editor of a rural newspaper, and, after inheriting a farm from his grandfather, a farmer. Throughout this period Robert Frost also wrote poetry, but he had little success in getting his poems published. In 1912 he sold his farm, gave up a teaching post at the New Hampshire Normal School, and moved to England. In England he met many established English poets such as Edward Thomas, Lascelles Abercrombie, and Wilfrid Gibson, who became his friends and helped to launch his literary career in poetry. Through their help, his first two books, a group of lyrics entitled A Boy's Will (1913) and a series of New England dramatic monologues entitled North of Boston (1914), were published. Those books won Robert Frost immediate recognition, and in 1915 he returned to the United States to find that his fame had preceded him. Thereafter he continued to write poetry with ever greater success, while living on farms in Vermont and new Hampshire, and teaching literature at Amherst College, the University of Michigan, and Harvard University. Among the poetry books by Robert Frost are Mountain Interval (1916), West Running Brook (1928), A Way Out (1929) a play, From Snow to Snow (1936), A Witness Tree (1942), Masque of Reason (1945), Steeple Bush (1947), Complete Poems (1949), The Road Not Taken (1951), You Come Too (1960), and In The Clearing (1962).

Robert Frost is one of the most important poets in 20Th century American literature. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry four times and was made a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1953. In 1961 Robert Frost became the first poet invited to read a poem at a Presidential inauguration, an honor which highlighted his importance as a poet in American Literature. He is also among the few poets whose poems became classics in his own lifetime. The poetry of Robert Frost, mainly about life in rural New England, is written in the plain, intimate, conversational tone of a typical New England poet. Although he chose ordinary subjects for his themes, his emotional range is wide and deep, capable of shifting in the same poem from witty to the profoundest expression of feelings of pain and renunciation. A love for country things, a traditional New England individualism, and a hard headed belief in the values of old fashion liberalism combined in Robert Frost to produce the subtle and sensible philosophy that underlies his poetry.


Poems of Robert Frost

A proven bestseller time and time again, Robert Frost's Poems contains all of Robert Frost's best-known poems-and dozens more-in a portable anthology. Here are "Birches," "Mending Wall," "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," "Two Tramps at Mudtime," "Choose Something Like a Star," and "The Gift Outright," which Frost read at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy." An essential addition to every home library, Robert Frost's Poems is a celebration of the New England countryside, Frost's appreciation of common folk, and his wonderful understanding of the human condition. These classic verses touch our hearts and leave behind a lasting impression.

The poetry of Robert Frost is praised for its realistic depiction of rural life in New England during the early twentieth century, as well as for its examination of social and philosophical issues. Through the use of American idiom and free verse, Frost produced many enduring poems that remain popular with modern readers.

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