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Ringgold Wilmer Lardner (1885-1935) was an American short story writer who was born in Niles Michigan. From 1907 to 1919 Ring Lardner was a columnist and sports reporter on newspapers in Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and New York City. Ring Lardner first attracted attention as a writer of fiction with a series of humorous magazine stories about a young baseball player trying to win a place on a professional baseball team. These short stories, written in the slangy language of baseball, were later published as a book under the title You Know me, Al; a Busher's Letters (1916). In a number of later books, including Treat 'Em Rough (1918)and the book The Big Town (1921), Ring Lardner depicted the life of ordinary Americans with satirical humor. In the books of the last decade of Ring Lardner's life, his humor become more disillusioned and bitter. Ring Lardner's tales of boxers, salesmen, theatrical people, and American song writers display his thorough knowledge of their characters and keen ear for the phraseology and accents of ordinary American speech. The first of Ring Lardner's books of mordant and realistic short stories was How to Write Short Stories (1924); other collections of short stories are What of It (1925), The Love Nest (1926), and The Round Up (1929), a collection of his short stories.

Rind Lardner also wrote an autobiography The Story of a Wonderful Man (1927); and, with playwright George S. Kaufman, June Moon (1929), a satirical play about American song writers.

Ring Around The Bases

In Ring Around the Bases, Lardner employs his trademark humor and insight to offer a satirical commentary on the game of baseball and the larger societal issues of the time. The story likely explores themes such as the commercialization of sports, the cult of celebrity, and the tensions between tradition and modernity.

As with much of Lardner's work, Ring Around the Bases is characterized by its witty dialogue, colorful characters, and clever wordplay. Through his humorous and incisive storytelling, Lardner invites readers to reflect on the absurdities and contradictions of American life, using the world of baseball as a lens through which to explore deeper truths about human nature.

Ring Around the Bases is just one example of Lardner's many contributions to American literature, which continue to be celebrated and studied for their enduring relevance and timeless appeal. His unique blend of humor, satire, and social commentary has earned him a lasting place in the literary canon, ensuring that his work remains as fresh and insightful today as it was during his lifetime.

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