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Easton Press Richard Henry Dana books:
Two Years Before the Mast - 1969

Franklin Library Richard Henry Dana books:
Two Years Before the Mast - 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature - 1977
Two Years Before the Mast - World's Best Loved Books - 1984

Richard Henry Dana (1815-1882) was an American author, and lawyer who was born in Cambridge Massachusetts. His father was the poet Richard Henry Dana. As a boy he attended a school run by American author Ralph Waldo Emerson. Richard Henry Dana later attended Harvard, until problems with his eyesight caused him to abandon his education. Upon leaving school he found a job working on a sailing ship which took him on a voyage around the infamous Cape Horn from Massachusetts to California. Upon his return to Massachusetts, he returned to school and later entered into law practice in Massachusetts. His experience on the Cape Horn adventure is told in his famous book Two Years Before Mast which was published in 1840. The success of Two Years Before Mast resulted in new legislation to improve the working and living conditions of men at sea. His next book The Seaman's Friend was published in 1841 as a guide for men at sea. Among the other books by Richard Henry Dana are:
To Cuba and Back - 1859
Journal of a voyage around the World - 1860
The Journal - 1868
Twenty Four Years After (a memoir of Two Years Before Mast) - 1869

His unique experiences and Law degree resulted in him becoming a figure of authority on maritime law. His support for the newly created Republican Party and candidate Abraham Lincoln for President earned him an appointment as U.S. attorney in Massachusetts in 1861. Following accusations of plagiarism in a law article he was not confirmed in his appointment in 1876 as United States Minister to England. In the later part of his life Richard Henry Dana was an active member of the Massachusetts legislature, and continued to practice law. Richard Henry Dana fell ill with influenza 1882, and subsequently passed away from the illness.

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