President Benjamin Harrison Books

President Benjamin Harrison

Easton Press books:
The Presidency of Benjamin Harrison - Homer E. Socolofsky - 1987
Benjamin Harrison - 2 volumes - Harry J. Sievers - 1989
Vol. 1 - Hoosier Warrior
Vol. 2 - Hoosier Statesman, Hoosier President

President Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), American Statesman and twenty-third President of the United States, grandson of President William Henry Harrison the ninth President of the United States and great grandson of Benjamin Harrison one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Harrison was born in North Bend, Ohio, and educated at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He was admitted to the bar in Cincinnati, in 1853, and was elected reporter of the Supreme Court of Indiana in 1860. He entered the Union Army 1862, and served as colonel of a brigade which saw action at Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and Nashville. He was brevetted brigadier general of the volunteers in 1865, and returned to his Supreme Court post in Indianapolis. Benjamin Harrison was defeated, in 1876, as Republican candidate for governor of Indiana. In 1878 he was appointed a member of the Mississippi River Commission. He was elected United States senator from Indiana in 1880 and declined a post in the cabinet of President James Garfield, preferring to serve in the senate. He served as senator from 1881 to 1887, but was defeated for re-election.

The Republican Convention held in Chicago in 1888 nominated Benjamin Harrison for the presidency. He defeated President Grover Cleveland, the Democratic candidate, in the bitterly fought 1888 election, obtaining a majority of the Electoral College vote although losing the popular vote. During President Benjamin Harrison's administration the public debt was reduced and American industry expanded. The outstanding national events during his term in the office of the President were: the first meeting of the Pan-American Congress, passage of the McKinley Tariff act, passage of the Sherman Silver Bill, civil service reform, abolition of the Louisiana Lottery, and expansion of the United States Army and Navy. President Benjamin Harrison was nominated for re-election by the Republican Convention of 1892, but was defeated by his predecessor, President Cleveland. After leaving the Presidential office he returned to the practice of law. In 1899 he appeared as counsel for Venezuela before the international commission appointed to arbitrate the British Guiana - Venezuela Boundary dispute, and was the principal representative of the United States at the Hague Conference, held in 1899.

President Benjamin Harrison wrote the following books:

This Country of Ours - 1897
A collection of essays titled "Views of an Ex-President" - 1901

President Benjamin Harrison book

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