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Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence - signed first edition - 1993
Anything Considered - signed first edition - 1996
Chasing Cezanne - signed first edition - 1997

Author Peter Mayle

Peter Mayle was a British author best known for his books set in Provence, France, which charmingly depicted the joys and challenges of life in the French countryside. Born on June 14, 1939, in Brighton, England, Mayle initially pursued a career in advertising before turning to writing. Mayle gained international fame with the publication of his memoir, A Year in Provence, in 1989. The book chronicled his experiences of moving to a 200-year-old stone farmhouse in the Luberon region of Provence with his wife, Jennie, and their two dogs. The memoir captured the idyllic beauty of Provencal life, as well as the eccentricities of the locals, the pleasures of French cuisine, and the challenges of renovating an old farmhouse.

A Year in Provence became an instant bestseller, enchanting readers around the world with its humor, warmth, and vivid descriptions of life in rural France. The book was adapted into a popular television series in 1993, further cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon. Following the success of A Year in Provence, Mayle went on to write several more books set in Provence, including Toujours Provence (1991) and Encore Provence (1999), which continued to delight readers with their humorous anecdotes and affectionate portraits of French village life.

In addition to his Provence series, Mayle wrote several novels, including Hotel Pastis (1993) and A Good Year (2004), both of which were set in Provence and adapted into feature films. His works were celebrated for their evocative descriptions, charming characters, and celebration of the simple pleasures of life.

Peter Mayle passed away on January 18, 2018, but his legacy as a beloved chronicler of Provencal life lives on. His books continue to be treasured by readers for their wit, charm, and timeless celebration of the joys of good food, good wine, and the beauty of the French countryside.

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