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Cover Her Face - signed modern classic - 2009

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Devices and Desires - signed first edition - 1990
Original Sin - signed first edition - 1995
Certain Justice - signed first edition - 1997

Author P. D. James

P. D. James, born Phyllis Dorothy James on August 3, 1920, was a renowned English author celebrated for her mastery in the crime fiction genre. She became one of the most distinguished and influential writers in the mystery and detective novel tradition during the latter half of the 20th century. Born in Oxford, England, James experienced a challenging childhood marked by financial struggles and the early death of her mother. Despite these hardships, she developed a love for literature and storytelling from a young age. Her formal education was cut short due to financial constraints, and she entered the workforce during World War II.

In 1962, at the age of 42, P. D. James published her debut novel, Cover Her Face, introducing readers to the fictional detective Adam Dalgliesh, a character who would go on to feature in many of her subsequent works. This novel marked the beginning of an illustrious career that spanned several decades. P. D. James was praised for her meticulous attention to detail, complex characters, and psychological depth, which elevated her crime novels beyond mere whodunits. Her works often explored social issues and human behavior, bringing a literary quality to the crime fiction genre. Some of her most notable works include A Taste for Death, Devices and Desires, and The Murder Room. Throughout her career, she received numerous awards and honors, including the Cartier Diamond Dagger from the Crime Writers' Association in 1987 and a Life Peerage in 1991, making her Baroness James of Holland Park.

Apart from her writing, P. D. James served in various roles, including as a governor of the BBC and as a magistrate in London. She was also a respected commentator on literary and social issues. P. D. James continued to write well into her later years, maintaining a high standard of quality in her novels. She passed away on November 27, 2014, leaving behind a rich literary legacy that continues to captivate readers and inspire writers in the crime fiction genre.

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