Omar Khayyam Books

Easton Press Omar Khayyám books:
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám - 100 Greatest Books Ever Written - 1976

Franklin Library Omar Khayyám books:
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám - World's Best Loved Books (translated by Edward Fitzgerald) - 1979

Omar Khayyam was a famous Persian mathematician, astronomer, poet and author of the famous book titled Rubaiyat, who was born in Nishapur, Khurasan. On the accession as sultan of Jalal ad Din Malik Shah, Omar Khayyan received the appointment of astronomer royal to the court. He was engaged with seven other astronomers to reform the calendar, which resulted in the adoption of a new era, the Jalalian or Malik Shahi. This mode of reckoning dated from March 15, 1079. As an algebraist Omar Khayyam stands out as the most notable mathematician of his time. He was the first to attempt a systematic classification of types of equations of the first three degrees and to consider cubics from the standpoint of the general equation. He also wrote three different books on subjects of natural science and three books on metaphysics. However it is his verse as the author of the book Rubaiyat, or quatrains, that earned him his greatest fame. Edward Fitzgerald was the first to introduce Omar Khayyam to the Western World through a version of 100 of the Rubaiyat quatrains. The version is indeed a paraphrase, yet often very close, and reflects with great accuracy the spirit of the original Rubaiyat. About 1000 of these four line stanzas are found, in different books and manuscripts attributed to him.

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