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Ask Me Again Tomorrow - signed first edition - 2003



Ask Me Again Tomorrow: A Life in Progress
Something about Olympia Dukakis just speaks to people. In her signature straight-talk style, she tells the story of her own history and career. Olympia Dukakis, internationally known movie and theater star, was born into a Greek family in Lowell, Massachusetts. As a first generation Greek-American, Olympia “lived in the hyphen” and struggled to reconcile her American desires with her family’s old-world traditions.
Ask Me Again Tomorrow tells the story of Olympia’s struggle to find her place as an American, as a woman and as a star. It specifically explores the relationship between Olympia, whose main ambition was to live her life exactly as she wanted, and her mother, who spent a lifetime constrained by a tradition that delegated her to second class. Like Sidney Poitier’s This Life and The Measure of a Man, this is a book that is more than a celebrity memoir. Ask Me Again Tomorrow will speak to many readers who also experienced America as an adopted country; readers interested in the art of acting; readers interested in autobiography, and particularly to female readers who have struggled with fitting their own aspirations in with the needs of family. It is a book that will endure.


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