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Muhammad Ali - His Life and Times - Signed by both Muhammad Ali and co-author Thomas Hauser - signed limited edition (limited to 3500 copies) - 1996
Muhammad Ali - The Illustrated Eyewitness Story of a Boxing Legend - Alan Goldstein - 2002
Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali The Tribute - 2016

Muhammad Ali - His Life and Times

In the words of more than 200 of Ali’s family members, opponents, friends, world leaders, and others who have known him best, the real Muhammad Ali deeply religious, mercurial, generous, a showman in and out of the ring.

Thirty years after he burst onto the scene as a gold medal light-heavyweight at the Rome Olympics, Muhammad Ali is still a magical figure. His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend the two fights with Sonny Liston, when he proclaimed himself “The Greatest” and proved he was; the three epic wars against Joe Frazier; the stunning victory over George Foreman in Zaire; and the shocking loss and final win that made him the first man to win back the heavyweight crown twice, fourteen years after he had first claimed it.

Ali’s life has been played out as much on the front pages as on the sports pages. With brilliant immediacy and unprecedented candor, bestselling author Thomas Hauser recreates this extraordinary man.

Muhammad Ali - The Illustrated Eyewitness Story of a Boxing Legend

"I am the Greatest, " proclaimed the young fighter from Louisville. Most criticized this upstart, few believed that he had the skills to justify such a statement most were proved wrong. Not only did Muhammad Ali become the greatest heavyweight ever to step into the ring, he also became a fascinating and compelling gentleman outside of it. Illustrated with more than 150 compelling photographs, Muhammad Ali - The Eye-Witness Story of a Boxing Legend charts the extraordinary story of an extraordinary man through the words of not only Ali, but those around him: his coaches, his opponents, and others who bore witness to the legend that was unfolding before their eyes.
Follows his early life and career from his middle-class upbringing in Tennessee through his amateur career and 1960 Olympic success
Complete coverage of his early professional bouts and World Title fights with Sonny Liston, as well as his legendary comeback fights, including "The Rumble in the Jungle" and the "The Thrilla in Manila."
A look at Ali's Muslim conversion and the controversy surrounding his refusal to join the US Army, and his later retirement, heroic fight with disease, and legendary life outside the ring.

Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali The Tribute

The definitive tribute that celebrates the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, an American original.

From his unlikely transformation from Louisville Golden Gloves winner to Olympic gold medalist to three-time heavyweight champion, civil rights hero and at one point, the most famous person on earth, Muhammad Ali and his journey were always chronicled and celebrated by Sports Illustrated's writers and photographers. Now, all of those moments and memories are collected in Muhammad The Tribute , a deluxe fully-illustrated gift book that celebrates the life and legacy of this iconic athlete and champion.

He shook up the world and became the boxer who went from the sports page to the front page. As a young fighter he revolutionized boxing as the fleet-of-foot dancer who took the crown from Sonny Liston; his rivalry with Joe Frazier was legendary; he grew up into one of the toughest heavyweights of all time, winning The Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manilla. He was then able to parlay that fame into a role as elder statesman and inspiration to decades of athletes who would come behind him. All of those moments are captured here in distinct chapters that take you from Rise to Rumble, Exile to Return, Greatest, and Statesman.

Written with the keen insight that only Sports Illustrated can bring, with a special gatefold that features stats and images from every one of this legendary bouts, and hundreds more black and white and full-color photographs that have become as iconic as the man himself, Muhammad The Tribute will stand as the companion piece to a legendary man and athlete.

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