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The Man from the Sea (also known as Death by Moonlight) - Library of Mystery Masterpieces - 1988

Author Michael Innes (J. I. M. Stewart)

Michael Innes, the pseudonym of John Innes Mackintosh Stewart, was a distinguished British author, literary scholar, and academic, celebrated for his contributions to the detective and mystery fiction genres. Born on September 30, 1906, in Edinburgh, Scotland, Innes made a significant mark on the world of literature with his erudite writing style and cleverly crafted mysteries. Educated at Oriel College, Oxford, Innes showed early academic promise, earning a first-class degree in English literature. He pursued further studies at Leeds University, where he completed his Ph.D. in 1930, specializing in Thomas Love Peacock, a 19th-century English novelist and poet. Innes embarked on a distinguished academic career, holding various teaching positions in English literature. He lectured at several institutions, including the University of Adelaide in Australia and Queen's University in Belfast. In 1936, he joined the faculty at the University of Leeds, where he would remain until 1946.

While his academic career flourished, Innes concurrently pursued a passion for creative writing. In 1936, he published his first detective novel, Death at the President's Lodging, introducing readers to his series protagonist, Inspector Appleby. This marked the beginning of a prolific writing career, during which Innes produced over thirty novels, many of which featured the witty and intelligent Inspector Appleby. Innes's mysteries were characterized by intricate plots, clever wordplay, and a distinctive blend of humor and intellectual depth. His works often explored a wide range of settings, from academia to the British countryside, adding layers of complexity to his storytelling.

During World War II, Innes served in the Intelligence Corps, further contributing to his understanding of espionage and intrigue, elements that occasionally found their way into his novels.

In addition to his detective fiction, Innes wrote under his real name, John Innes Mackintosh Stewart, publishing works of literary criticism, essays, and scholarly studies. He was appointed as a Reader in English Literature at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1946, and later served as the Student (academic head) of the college. Michael Innes continued to produce engaging mysteries until his death on November 12, 1994, in Coulsdon, Surrey, England. His legacy endures through his contributions to both the academic and creative realms, with his novels remaining beloved classics among fans of detective fiction and British literature.

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