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Fallen Angels - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction (co-authored with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle) - 1991


Michael Flynn biography

Michael Flynn, born on July 29, 1947, in Easton, Pennsylvania, is an American science fiction author known for his work in the subgenres of space opera and alternate history. Flynn's literary contributions have garnered him recognition for his ability to blend intricate storytelling with scientific and historical elements. Flynn earned a Bachelor's degree in History from Marquette University and went on to pursue a Master's degree in Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. Although he started his career as a political activist and a statistician, Flynn eventually found his true calling as a science fiction writer.

One of Flynn's notable works is the Firestar series, which explores themes of space exploration, colonization, and political intrigue. The series begins with Firestar (1996) and continues with several sequels, tracing the journey of the Aeneas Project, an ambitious effort to establish a human colony on a distant star. In addition to his space opera series, Flynn has made significant contributions to the alternate history subgenre. The Spiral Arm series, starting with The January Dancer (2008), is set in a universe where history has taken a different course, featuring a mysterious artifact with transformative powers. One of Flynn's most acclaimed works is Eifelheim (2006), a novel that combines science fiction with historical elements. The story is set in medieval Germany during the Black Death and involves encounters between aliens and humans.

Flynn's writing is characterized by meticulous research, attention to historical detail, and a deep appreciation for scientific concepts. His ability to blend speculative fiction with historical and scientific accuracy has earned him a dedicated readership within the science fiction community. Despite his success as an author, Michael Flynn has maintained a relatively private life. His focus on exploring complex themes within the realms of space exploration, alternate history, and the intersection of science and humanity has solidified his reputation as a thought-provoking and versatile writer in the science fiction genre.


Fallen Angels

Having been shot down over the North Dakota glacier, two Space Habs astronauts find themselves paralyzed by the Earth's gravity and at the center of a ruthless manhunt by the United States government.

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