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The Able McLaughlins - Library of Pulitzer Prize Classics - 1977

Author Margaret Wilson

Margaret Wilson was an American novelist known primarily for her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Able McLaughlins, published in 1923. The novel, set in Iowa during the American Civil War, follows the story of a young man named Able McLaughlin who enlists in the Union Army, leaving behind his family and the woman he loves.

Wilson's novel received critical acclaim for its vivid portrayal of rural American life and its exploration of the impact of war on individuals and communities. The novel's richly drawn characters and evocative prose captured the imagination of readers and cemented Wilson's reputation as a talented storyteller.

The Able McLaughlins was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1924, earning Wilson widespread recognition and acclaim. Despite this early success, Wilson never achieved the same level of fame as some of her contemporaries, and her work has since faded from popular memory.

Nevertheless, Margaret Wilson's contribution to American literature remains significant, and The Able McLaughlins stands as a testament to her skill as a writer and her ability to capture the essence of a bygone era. Through her work, Wilson provided readers with a window into the past, offering insights into the struggles and triumphs of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.

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