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Vortex - signed first edition - 1991


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Larry Bond, born on October 25, 1952, is an American author and game designer known for his contributions to the military and techno-thriller genres. His life and career have been marked by a keen interest in military strategy, technology, and the geopolitical landscape, which he has skillfully translated into gripping novels and engaging games. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bond's early years were influenced by his father's military service. This exposure fueled his fascination with military history and strategy. Bond attended St. Thomas More High School and later studied quantitative methods at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

Bond's professional journey began in the gaming industry. He co-designed the popular wargame Harpoon in the early 1980s, which simulated naval warfare and became a classic in military gaming circles. The success of Harpoon set the stage for Bond's exploration of military fiction. In collaboration with author Tom Clancy, Bond co-wrote Red Storm Rising (1986), a techno-thriller novel that explored a hypothetical conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The book became a bestseller, establishing Bond as a prominent figure in the techno-thriller genre. His subsequent solo works, including Vortex (1983) and Cauldron (1993), continued to showcase his expertise in military strategy and global politics. Bond's novels often depict plausible scenarios of modern warfare, incorporating cutting-edge technology and geopolitical intrigue. His attention to detail and realistic portrayals of military operations have resonated with readers interested in the complexities of international conflicts.

In addition to his literary accomplishments, Larry Bond has remained active in the gaming industry. He has contributed to various video games, board games, and simulations, further solidifying his reputation as an authority on military strategy and technology. Larry Bond's enduring impact on the military and techno-thriller genres stems from his ability to blend technical expertise with compelling storytelling. His works continue to attract readers and gamers alike, offering a captivating blend of realism and imagination in the realms of military fiction and strategic gaming.



In the bestselling "Red Phoenix," Larry Bond showed, in a world of explosive uncertainty, what a new Korean War would be like. Now, in Vortex, he takes his storytelling powers one astonishing step further in an epic novel set in one of the most emotionally charged global flash points of the day - South Africa. As the forces of white supremacy make their last ruthless stand, as chaos threatens an entire continent, and as the world is faced with Armageddon itself, America mobilizes Operation Brave Fortune, a full-scale war effort it will wage on land, at sea, in the air...

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