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Easton Press L. Sprague de Camp books:
Lest Darkness Fall - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1988
The Honorable Barbarian -  Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1989
Rogue Queen - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1996


Lest Darkness Fall
A History professor is whisked back in time to Rome; only a few years before it's about to fall; with his foresight he attempts to not only create a living for himself but, at a later point, to stop the fall of Rome.

Against the Fall of Night The Roman Empire had spread order, knowledge, and civilisation throughout the ancient world. When Rome fell, the light of reason flickered out across the Empire. The Dark Ages had begun; they would last a thousand years. Could a man from the 20th century prevent the fall of Rome? When lightening struck and he was hurled backward into the sixth century, the question became anything but academic to Martin Padway, but even forearmed with a knowledge of 20th century technology and of events to come, what could one man do? But Padway must try, lest darkness fall.

When am I? Padway asked himself after the lightning-flash knocked him down. He knew where he was Rome. He was there to study archaeology, and even though the lightning had left him dazed, he could see the familiar Roman buildings. But the buildings looked newer and the crowds in the street were wearing tunics, not suits! And a rich barnyard smell had replaced the gasoline-and-garlic aroma of modern Rome. So, when was he? And he was suddenly cold with fear of the answer...

The Honorable Barbarian - Novarian Series Book 5
Jorian, the one-time unbeheaded king, was now safely retired from getting into trouble. But his younger brother Kerin was caught in compromising circumstances with the maiden Adeliza, so Kerin had to be sent at once to sea.

But Kerin's talent for trouble was not to be denied. First came Belinka, a sprite sent by Adeliza. Then, the ship captain mistakenly believed Kerin was seducing his mistress so Kerin left hastily. That led him to a voyage on a pirate ship, where the kidnapped princess Nogiri was held captive. Kerin was unable to save her until he gained the help of a hermit-wizard, who then seized the girl to be used as a human sacrifice.

Kerin managed to save Nogiri again, helped by another wizard. Then Kerin and Nogiri set out, this time to the Emperor of the Farthest East.

There Kerin discovered more magic, and the Emperor learned that no man should be absentminded when using a powerful spell. But it was later that Kerin discovered the limitations of roller skates.

Rogue Queen - Viagens Interplanetarias Series
Worker Iroedh was confused. Though she was a lover of antiquity, she really could put no faith in the Oracle's prophecy. It was true that strange being, Terrans, had come from beyond the heavens. But these "men" were no gods. Had not she seen them making fools of themselves over a silly thing called "love"? Was this the action of gods?

Certainly no god of the Avtini would carry on like this. Avtini gods would "love" only a Community, with its self-respecting groups of workers and drones and its highly productive Queen.

And as for Queens, why no Avtini Queen would go rogue. Only a few mad drones had ever been known to desert the Community. And their lives were the price of the antisocial action.

No, Iroedh could not understand the prophecy and so it must be false.

But Iroedh was soon to learn that prophecy has a way of coming true, and that even the most unassuming antiquarian Worker might be born to rule.

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