Joseph P. Lash

Joseph P. Lash

Easton Press Joseph P. Lash books

Eleanor and Franklin - ( two volumes ) - library of Presidents 1991

Franklin Library Joseph P. Lash books

Roosevelt and Churchill - limited first edition ( not signed ) - 1976
Eleanor and Franklin - signed limited edition - 1981
A world of Love: Eleanor Roosevelt and friends - signed first edition - 1984
Eleanor and Franklin - Pulitzer Prize Classics - 1981

Writer Joseph P. Lash

Joseph P. Lash, born on December 2, 1909, in New York City, was an American writer, journalist, and political activist known for his extensive biographical works and his involvement in progressive causes. Throughout his life, Lash dedicated himself to chronicling the lives of prominent figures in American history, particularly those involved in progressive movements and social justice causes. Raised in New York City, Lash developed an early passion for literature and politics, which would shape his career as a writer and activist. He attended City College of New York, where he became involved in student politics and social activism, advocating for causes such as workers' rights and civil liberties. Lash's career as a journalist began in the 1930s when he joined the staff of The New York Post, where he covered labor issues and social justice movements. It was during this time that he first became involved with Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who would become a lifelong friend and collaborator.

In 1942, Lash published his first book, Eleanor and Franklin, a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt that would become his most famous work. Drawing upon his close personal relationship with Roosevelt and extensive research, Lash offered readers an intimate and insightful portrait of one of the most influential women in American history. Following the success of Eleanor and Franklin, Lash continued to write extensively on topics related to American history, politics, and social justice. He published biographies of other prominent figures, including Helen Keller and Dag Hammarskjöld, as well as books on topics such as civil rights, feminism, and the Vietnam War.

In addition to his writing, Lash was actively involved in progressive causes throughout his life. He was a vocal advocate for civil rights, women's rights, and international peace, and he used his platform as a writer and activist to raise awareness of social and political issues. Lash's contributions to American literature and political activism earned him numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography in 1972 for his biography of Dag Hammarskjöld. Joseph P. Lash passed away on August 22, 1987, leaving behind a legacy of scholarship, activism, and social conscience. His work continues to be celebrated for its insight, compassion, and commitment to the ideals of justice and equality, inspiring future generations of writers, activists, and leaders to make a difference in the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt

A world of Love: Eleanor Roosevelt signed

Franklin Library Roosevelt

Roosevelt leather bound book

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