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Rumpole of the Bailey - signed modern classic -  2004

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Summer's lease - signed first edition - 1988

John Mortimer biography

John Mortimer, born on April 21, 1923, in Hampstead, London, emerged as a towering figure in British literature, renowned for his razor-sharp wit, keen observations of human nature, and mastery of both the written word and the courtroom. His life's narrative is a testament to his multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to storytelling. Growing up in a family of barristers, Mortimer was exposed to the world of law from an early age. His father's legal career served as both inspiration and influence, shaping Mortimer's own path as a lawyer and later as a prolific writer. After studying at Harrow School and Brasenose College, Oxford, Mortimer was called to the bar in 1948. His legal career flourished, earning him a reputation as a skilled advocate and barrister known for his wit and eloquence in the courtroom.

Yet, alongside his legal work, Mortimer harbored a deep passion for literature and storytelling. In 1963, he published his first novel, Charade, marking the beginning of a celebrated literary career that would span decades. His novels, plays, and screenplays often drew inspiration from his experiences as a lawyer, offering incisive commentary on the complexities of the legal system and the quirks of human behavior. Mortimer's most enduring creation is undoubtedly the beloved character of Horace Rumpole, the cantankerous yet endearing barrister who became the central figure in a series of stories, television adaptations, and radio dramas. Rumpole's adventures in the Old Bailey captivated audiences around the world, earning Mortimer a dedicated following and cementing his reputation as a master of legal fiction.

In addition to his fiction writing, Mortimer was also a prolific playwright, penning numerous stage plays and screenplays that showcased his wit and insight into the human condition. His works often explored themes of love, marriage, politics, and morality, captivating audiences with their humor, intelligence, and warmth.

Throughout his life, Mortimer remained deeply engaged with the world around him, using his writing to champion causes of social justice and human rights. He was a vocal critic of censorship and government overreach, advocating for free expression and individual liberty. John Mortimer passed away on January 16, 2009, leaving behind a rich legacy of literature, wit, and legal acumen. His novels, plays, and essays continue to entertain and inspire readers, offering a window into the complexities of the human experience and the enduring power of storytelling to illuminate the world's mysteries. Through his words, Mortimer invites readers to laugh, ponder, and empathize, ensuring that his voice will echo through the halls of literature for generations to come.

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