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The New War - signed first edition - 1997
A Call to Service - signed first edition - 2003
Every Day is Extra - signed first edition - 2018

John Kerry biography

John Kerry, born on December 11, 1943, in Aurora, Colorado, is a prominent American politician, diplomat, and decorated Vietnam War veteran. Over the course of his illustrious career, Kerry has served in various leadership roles, both in government and on the international stage. Kerry's early years were marked by a commitment to public service and a passion for social justice. After attending Yale University, where he became involved in anti-war activism, Kerry enlisted in the United States Navy and served with distinction during the Vietnam War. He was awarded three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star, and a Bronze Star for his valor and bravery in combat. Upon returning from Vietnam, Kerry became an outspoken critic of the war and co-founded the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. His activism propelled him into politics, and in 1985, he was elected to the United States Senate representing Massachusetts. Kerry would go on to serve five terms in the Senate, becoming known for his expertise in foreign affairs and his commitment to environmental conservation, healthcare reform, and economic justice.

In 2004, Kerry secured the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, running a spirited campaign against incumbent President George W. Bush. Although he ultimately lost the election, Kerry's candidacy brought national attention to issues such as healthcare, education, and the environment.

Following his presidential bid, Kerry continued to play a prominent role in American politics. In 2013, he was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as the 68th United States Secretary of State, a position he held until 2017. As Secretary of State, Kerry played a key role in shaping U.S. foreign policy, overseeing negotiations on issues such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Throughout his career, Kerry has been a tireless advocate for diplomacy and cooperation on the world stage. His efforts to promote peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability have earned him widespread respect and admiration both at home and abroad. In recognition of his service to the nation, John Kerry has been awarded numerous honors and accolades, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His dedication to public service and his commitment to making the world a better place serve as a testament to the power of leadership, integrity, and perseverance.


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