John Hersey Books

John Hersey leather bound book

Easton Press John Hersey books:
Life sketches - signed first edition - 1989
Hiroshima - 2007

Franklin Library John Hersey books:
The Walnut Door - limited first edition (not signed John Hersey) - 1977
A Bell for Adano - signed limited edition - 1978
The Wall - signed limited edition - 1982
The Call - signed first edition - 1985
A Bell for Adano - Pulitzer Prize classic - 1986
Blues - signed first edition - 1987

John Hersey was an American author and journalist who was born in Tientsin, China, and educated at Yale University and Cambridge University. John Hersey joined the staff of the weekly new magazine Time in 1937, and during World War Two Hersey served as a Time correspondent in both the Pacific and European theaters of operations. Subsequently John Hersey was a senior editor of Life and editor of the magazine '47 and '48. John Hersey is the author of numerous books such as: A Bell for Adano, Into the Valley, Men on Bataan and more notable books.

John Hersey signed

John Hersey The Call

John Hersey first edition

John Hersey Franklin Library

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