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Easton Press John Barnes books

The Return - Signed Limited Edition with signatures of Buzz Aldrin and co-author John Barnes - 2000
Directive 51 - signed first edition of science fiction - 2010


Who is John Barnes?

John Barnes, a name synonymous with science fiction and speculative storytelling, emerges as a literary architect whose narrative landscapes traverse the realms of the mind and the frontiers of the cosmos. Born on February 28, 1957, in Los Angeles, California, Barnes's life unfolds as a tapestry woven with the threads of imagination, exploration, and an unyielding commitment to the craft of storytelling. From the early stages of his career, Barnes exhibited a literary prowess that transcended genre boundaries. His foray into the world of science fiction began with works like Kaleidoscope Century (1995) and Mother of Storms (1994), where he demonstrated a keen ability to blend scientific speculation with human drama. These early novels set the stage for Barnes's reputation as a versatile and innovative voice in the speculative fiction landscape.

Barnes's career took an intriguing turn with the Century Next Door series, a collection of interconnected novels that explored alternate realities, virtual worlds, and the impact of technology on human society. In Acts of Conscience (1997), he delved into the ethical implications of advanced medical technology, laying the groundwork for the philosophical inquiries that would characterize much of his later work. Barnes's penchant for pushing the boundaries of speculative fiction reached new heights with the Thousand Cultures series. Novels like A Million Open Doors (1992) and Earth Made of Glass (1998) navigated the intricacies of interstellar civilizations, cultural clashes, and the complexities of identity. Through rich characterizations and intricate world-building, Barnes crafted narratives that invited readers to ponder the societal implications of human expansion into the cosmos.

Beyond the realms of traditional science fiction, Barnes's narrative landscape extended into historical fiction and thrillers. In Finity (2000), he blended espionage with science fiction, exploring the consequences of a world where immortality becomes a reality. The narrative shifts and genre explorations showcased Barnes's ability to adapt and innovate within the evolving landscape of speculative literature. As the chapters of John Barnes's literary career unfolded, he continued to explore themes of artificial intelligence, human nature, and the ethical dilemmas posed by technological advancements. His novel Candle (2000) delved into the complexities of consciousness and identity in a digital age, marking another chapter in Barnes's narrative of intellectual curiosity and philosophical inquiry.

While Barnes's work might not have achieved the same mainstream recognition as some of his contemporaries, his contribution to the speculative fiction genre is celebrated by readers who appreciate the depth and diversity of his storytelling. In the ever-expanding universe of speculative literature, John Barnes's narrative remains an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of the human imagination and the worlds that exist beyond the boundaries of our own.


Directive 51

Heather O'Grainne is the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Future Threat Assessment, investigating rumors surrounding something called "Daybreak." The group is diverse and radical, and its members have only one thing in common-their hatred for the "Big System" and their desire to take it down. Now, seemingly random events simultaneously occurring around the world are in fact connected as part of Daybreak's plan to destroy modern civilization-a plan that will eliminate America's top government personnel, leaving the nation no choice but to implement its emergency contingency program...Directive 51.

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