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Dean and Me: A Love Story - Jerry Lewis and James Kaplan - signed first edition - 2005


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Jerry Lewis, born on March 16, 1926, in Newark, New Jersey, was a legendary American comedian, actor, filmmaker, and philanthropist. He rose to prominence in the entertainment industry during the mid-20th century, captivating audiences with his unique brand of physical comedy, slapstick humor, and zany antics. Lewis began his career as part of a comedy duo with singer Dean Martin in the late 1940s. Together, they achieved immense success with their nightclub acts, radio shows, and numerous film collaborations, becoming one of the most popular and beloved comedy teams of their time.

In the 1950s, Lewis transitioned to a successful solo career, starring in a string of highly successful comedy films such as The Bellboy, The Nutty Professor, and The Disorderly Orderly. Known for his rubber-faced expressions, exaggerated physicality, and distinctive voice, Lewis became a comedic icon whose performances delighted audiences around the world. Beyond his work in comedy, Lewis also showcased his talents as a director, producer, and screenwriter, helming several films and television projects throughout his career. He was known for his innovative filmmaking techniques and his ability to blend humor with social commentary and satire.

In addition to his contributions to the entertainment industry, Lewis was also a dedicated philanthropist, raising millions of dollars for charitable causes, most notably through his annual Labor Day telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. His tireless advocacy for individuals with disabilities earned him widespread admiration and respect. Throughout his life, Jerry Lewis remained a beloved and influential figure in the world of entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on comedy and inspiring generations of comedians and filmmakers. He passed away on August 20, 2017, leaving behind a rich legacy of laughter, joy, and philanthropy that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Dean and Me: A Love Story

Dean and Me: A Love Story is a heartfelt memoir written by Jerry Lewis, the legendary American comedian, actor, and filmmaker, in collaboration with James Kaplan. Published in 2005, the book offers readers an intimate and candid glimpse into the enduring friendship and creative partnership between Lewis and his longtime comedy partner, Dean Martin. Born on March 16, 1926, in Newark, New Jersey, Jerry Lewis rose to fame as one half of the iconic comedy duo Martin and Lewis, alongside singer Dean Martin. Their partnership began in the late 1940s and quickly catapulted them to stardom, with their winning combination of Martin's suave charm and Lewis's zany antics captivating audiences across the country.

In Dean and Me Lewis reflects on his deep bond with Martin, tracing their journey from their early days performing in nightclubs and on radio to their meteoric rise to success in film and television. Through a series of heartfelt anecdotes and personal recollections, Lewis pays tribute to Martin's talent, generosity, and friendship, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at their dynamic partnership both on and off stage. Beyond their professional collaboration, Lewis also delves into the complexities of their personal relationship, revealing the highs and lows of their friendship and the challenges they faced as individuals navigating the pressures of fame and fortune. Despite their eventual parting ways professionally in 1956, Lewis's affection and admiration for Martin shine through in every page of the memoir.

Published during a time of renewed interest in the lives and careers of Martin and Lewis, Dean and Me received widespread acclaim for its warmth, humor, and sincerity. Through Lewis's engaging storytelling and heartfelt prose, the book offers readers a poignant tribute to one of the greatest partnerships in entertainment history and a celebration of the enduring power of friendship and love.


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