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Reason for Hope - signed first edition - 1999
In The Shadow of Man - Signed Limited Edition - 2001


Jane Goodall biography

Jane Goodall, born on April 3, 1934, in London, England, is a renowned primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist, best known for her groundbreaking work with wild chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. Goodall's journey into the world of primatology began in 1957 when she ventured to Africa at the age of 23 to work with the anthropologist and paleontologist Dr. Louis Leakey. Leakey believed that a study of chimpanzees could provide valuable insights into the evolutionary history of humans. With no formal scientific training at the time, Goodall's passion for animals and her patience in observing them made her an ideal candidate for this pioneering research.

In 1960, Goodall made a significant discovery that would redefine our understanding of non-human primates. She observed a chimpanzee, whom she named David Greybeard, using a tool to extract termites from a mound. At that time, the use of tools was considered a distinctive trait of humans. Goodall's findings challenged established scientific beliefs and opened new avenues for studying the similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Over the years, Goodall continued her research, meticulously documenting the social behaviors, tool use, and emotional complexities of wild chimpanzees. Her work revolutionized the field of primatology and contributed to our understanding of the relationships and similarities between humans and our closest living relatives.

In addition to her scientific contributions, Jane Goodall is known for her advocacy work in environmental conservation and animal welfare. She founded the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977, which focuses on wildlife research, conservation, and community development. The institute's Roots & Shoots program, initiated by Goodall in 1991, engages young people worldwide in environmental and humanitarian projects. Throughout her life, Jane Goodall has received numerous awards and honors for her scientific achievements and dedication to conservation. Her work has not only advanced our understanding of primates but has also inspired generations to actively participate in the protection of our planet and its diverse inhabitants. Jane Goodall remains a symbol of compassion, scientific curiosity, and the tireless pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of both humanity and the natural world.


Reason for Hope - A Spiritual Journey

From world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall, as seen in the new National Geographic documentary Jane , comes a poignant memoir about her spiritual epiphany and an appeal for why everyone can find a reason for hope.

Her revolutionary studies of Tanzania's chimpanzees forever altered our definition of "humanity." Now, intriguing as always, Jane Goodall explores her deepest convictions in a heartfelt memoir that takes her from the London Blitz to Louis Leaky's famous excavations in Africa and then into the forests of Gombe. From the unforgettable moment when a wild chimpanzee gently grasps her hand to the terror of a hostage-taking and the sorrow of her husband's death. Here, thoughtfully exploring the challenges of both science and the soul, she offers an inspiring, optimistic message as profound as the knowledge she brought back from the forests, and that gives us all...reason for hope.

Dr. Jane Goodall's revolutionary study of chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe preserve forever altered the very, definition of humanity. Now, in a poignant and insightful memoir, Jane Goodall explores her extraordinary life and personal spiritual odyssey, with observations as profound as the knowledge she has brought back from the forest.

The distinguished scientist draws on her experiences and spiritual beliefs to explore the higher purpose to life, explaining how this can be best served by demonstrating a deep respect for life in all its forms and a commitment to understand the spiritual ties between humankind and the natural world.

In The Shadow of Man

This best-selling classic tells the story of one of world's greatest scientific adventuresses. Jane Goodall was a young secretarial school graduate when the legendary Louis Leakey chose her to undertake a landmark study of chimpanzees in the world.

World-renowned primatologist, conservationist, and humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall’s account of her life among the wild chimpanzees of Gombe is one of the most enthralling stories of animal behavior ever written. Her adventure began when the famous anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey suggested that a long-term study of chimpanzees in the wild might shed light on the behavior of our closest living relatives. Accompanied by only her mother and her African assistants, she set up camp in the remote Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve in Tanzania.

For months the project seemed hopeless; out in the forest from dawn until dark, she had but fleeting glimpses of frightened animals. But gradually she won their trust and was able to record previously unknown behavior, such as the use and even the making of tools, until then believed to be an exclusive skill of man. As she came to know the chimps as individuals, she began to understand their complicated social hierarchy and observed many extraordinary behaviors, which have forever changed our understanding of the profound connection between humans and chimpanzees.

Jane Goodall's classic account of primate research provides an impressively detailed and absorbing account of the early years of her field study of, and adventures with, chimpanzees in Tanzania, Africa. It is a landmark for everyone to enjoy.

"One of history's most impressive field studies; an instant animal classic" - TIME


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