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The Legend That was Earth - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 2000
The Anguished Dawn - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2003

Author James P. Hogan

James P. Hogan (born June 27, 1941, in London, England) was a prolific science fiction author celebrated for his imaginative storytelling and contributions to the genre. Raised in the United Kingdom, Hogan's early fascination with science and technology paved the way for a career that combined his love for writing and scientific exploration. Hogan initially pursued a career in computer programming and engineering, working for various high-tech companies. However, his passion for speculative fiction led him to pursue writing, and he published his first novel, Inherit the Stars, in 1977. The success of this debut work marked the beginning of Hogan's career as a prominent figure in science fiction literature.

Throughout his writing career, Hogan explored a wide range of scientific and philosophical themes in his novels. His works often delved into topics such as space exploration, extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence, and the impact of scientific advancements on society. Hogan was known for incorporating scientific accuracy into his narratives, making his stories both compelling and thought-provoking. One of Hogan's notable series is the Giants series, which includes Inherit the Stars, The Gentle Giants of Ganymede, and Giants' Star. This series revolves around the discovery of ancient artifacts on the Moon and the implications for human history.

In addition to his novels, Hogan wrote numerous short stories and essays, further establishing his reputation as a versatile and influential author within the science fiction community. His novel "Voyage from Yesteryear" explores themes of utopia and the consequences of different social structures. James P. Hogan's impact on science fiction literature earned him several awards, including the Prometheus Award for his novel The Multiplex Man in 1993. He continued to produce engaging and scientifically informed works until his passing on July 12, 2010, leaving behind a legacy of captivating stories that explore the intersection of science and human experience.

The Anguished Dawn

After Earth is devastated by a near miss from a protoplanet that destroys civilization, leaving survivors on the edge of barbarism, technology, culture, and knowledge are preserved only in the Kronian colony near Saturn that sends Landen Keene to help rebuild Earth's civilization, but others will do anything to regain their former privileges and power, in the sequel to Cradle of Sature.

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