James A. Michener Books

Easton Press James A. Michener books:
Hawaii  ( 2 volumes ) - 1988
Chesapeake ( 2 volumes ) - 1989
The Source ( 2 volumes ) - 1989
The Bridges of Toko-Ri - 1990
The Covenant ( 2 volumes ) - 1990
Space ( 2 volumes ) - 1990
Texas - 1992

Franklin Library James A. Michener books:
The Covenant - limited first edition ( not signed ) - 1980
Tales of the South Pacific - collected stories of the worlds greatest writers - 1982
Tales of the South Pacific - Pulitzer Prize classics - 1986
Recessional - signed first edition - 1994

James Albert Michener (1907-1997) was a American author, teacher, and war historian, who was born in New York City. James A. Michener attended Swarthmore College, and Colorado State College of Education, and received a fellowship from Swarthmore College for travel and study in Europe. He later held teaching positions at a number of institutions, including George School in Pennsylvania, and gained respect as a teacher and author in the area of social studies. Following the start of World War Two, Michener joined the United States Navy and served in the Pacific theater. Drawing from his experience during World War Two, James A. Michener wrote one of his most famous books Tales of The South Pacific (1947). Winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1948, Tales of The South Pacific had sold over 2,000,000 copies in the first ten years after being published, and is considered a classic of American Literature. The musical play South Pacific (1949) which was based on Tales of The South Pacific by James A. Michener became one of the most successful plays in American history. Other notable books by Michener include The Fires of Spring (1949), Return To Paradise (1951), The Bridges at Toko-ri (1953), Sayonara (1954), The Floating World (1954), The Bridge at Andau (1957) about the Hungarian revolution of 1956; True Tales of South Pacific Islanders, Rascals in Paradise (1957); Hawaii (1959); Caravans (1963) dealing with Japans wood block prints; The Source (1965); A. Michener Miscellany: 1950–1970 (1973); Chesapeake (1978); The Covenant (1980); Space (1982); Poland (1983); Texas (1985); Alaska (1988); Mexico (1992); The World Is My Home: A Memoir (1992); Recessional (1994); Miracle in Seville (1995); and This Noble Land (1996).

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