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Guard of Honor - Library of Pulitzer Prize Classics - 1978

James Gould Cozzens biography
James Gould Cozzens (1903-1978) was an American author who was born in Chicago, Illinois. James Gould Cozzens completed his education at Harvard University, and left University following his first book Confusion (1924) being published. For some time, after leaving Harvard, he traveled in Canada, Cuba, and Europe. James Gould Cozzens served in the United States Army as an officer during World War Two. One of his most popular books Guard of Honor (1948), is set in an airbase in World War Two, and is notable for its analysis of conflicting personalities. James Gould Cozzens won the Pulitzer Prize in 1949 for Guard of Honor. In his other more famous book By Love Possessed (1957) Cozzens studies some of the problems within Law and the Justice system. Many books by Cozzens are notable for precise style, and their dealing with conflicts that are found in many professions. Other notable books by Cozzens include The Last Adam (1933), Men and Brethren (1936), and The Just and Unjust (1942).


Guard of Honor
Pulitzer Prize-winning novel
Guard of Honor balances a vast cast of intricately enmeshed characters as they react over the course of three tense days to a racial incident on a U.S. Air Force training base in Florida in 1942.


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