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Apocalypse Wow!: A Memoir For The End of Time - signed first edition - 1997


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James Finn Garner, born in 1963, is an American author best known for his satirical works, notably his Politically Correct Bedtime Stories series. His unique and humorous approach to rewriting classic fairy tales with a modern, politically correct twist gained him both acclaim and controversy. Garner began his career as a journalist and editor, contributing to various publications such as Chicago Magazine and Playboy. However, it was with the release of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories in 1994 that he gained widespread attention. The book took well-known fairy tales and transformed them to align with contemporary social and political sensitivities, offering a satirical commentary on the evolving cultural landscape.

The success of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories led to sequels, including Once Upon a More Enlightened Time (1995) and Politically Correct Holiday Stories (1995). Garner's writing style was characterized by wit, humor, and a keen awareness of societal norms and language usage. While some readers appreciated the satirical take on traditional tales, others criticized the works for being overly politically correct or accused them of diluting the essence of the original stories.

Beyond his satirical works, Garner has also written novels and other non-satirical books. His versatility as a writer allowed him to explore different genres and themes, showcasing a breadth of literary skill beyond the confines of satire. While James Finn Garner gained notoriety for his politically correct adaptations, he remains a multifaceted author with a diverse body of work. His impact on literature lies not only in the success of his satirical books but also in his ability to spark conversations about language, culture, and the evolving nature of storytelling in the contemporary world.


Apocalypse Wow! - A Memoir for the End of Time

The best-selling author of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories shares his trenchant observations on the New Age world, UFO conspiracies, the Internet, the apocalypse, commercialism, harmonic convergences, numerology, and other intriguing topics.

Just as the concept of political correctness was ripe for his acerbic commentary, the approaching millennium and the host of mystical/spiritual ideas that accompany it are ready to be brought back down to earth by James Finn Garner. UFO conspiracies, numerological calculations, harmonic convergence, the Internet, and talk of the Last Days are given their due, at last, by Americas master of satire and wit.

As the year 2000 bears down, the best-selling author of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, James Finn Garner, confronts a series of monumental Will we remember to order new checks from the bank? Did our invitation to the Kennedy New Year's party get lost in the mail again? Are we all poised on the brink of worldwide enlightenment or complete planetary destruction? Should you really bother investing in that Five-Year CD?

Asking the important questions in a completely credulous manner, Garner sets off on a pilgrimage to discover the truth behind the end-times predictions. Did Europe go bananas in the year 999, during the last millennial rollover, and why not? Did history's greatest prophets - Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the rest - have accurate visions of our annihilation, or were they just having technical difficulties? Are aliens visiting earth to teach us our true destiny or to cop some cheap thrills? Are all the pieces for the biblical Armageddon in place, and is there anything we can do to help it along? In his journey, James Finn Garner tries his hand at predicting the future, with everything from tea leaves to a boiled donkey's head. He explores New Age theories, including the power of crystals, the zodiac, past-life regression, and the musical Hair. Finally, after a visit with end-times expert Reverend John Easter Youthbone, Garner discovers the millennial role he has been assigned by the Book of Revelation, as an ancient prophecy hits close to home and complicates his plans for the weekend.


With the millennium fast approaching and Armageddon just around the corner, one fundamental question lingers: how will it all come down? In search of an answer, James Finn Garner conducted an exhaustive and hilarious examination of nearly every source readily available for predicting the future, including boiled tea leaves, crystal balls, and severed donkey heads. With plenty of wit and tongue planted firmly in cheek, Garner seeks to uncover the universal truths behind crop circles, harmonic convergence, and channeling. Continuing the irreverent style he established with his bestselling Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, he has fun with conspiracy theorists and shysters alike, providing a fun read for those not busy stockpiling provisions.

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