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Trapped - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 2002


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James Alan Gardner is a Canadian science fiction and fantasy author, born on January 10, 1955, in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. He is known for his imaginative storytelling, thought-provoking themes, and a unique blend of humor and speculative elements in his works. Gardner earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Applied Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and he later obtained a Ph.D. in the same field from Queen's University. While his academic background is in mathematics, his true passion lies in writing.

James Alan Gardner gained recognition with his debut novel, Expendable, which was published in 1997. This novel marked the beginning of his League of Peoples series, a space opera that explores the adventures of a diverse group of characters in a universe where different species coexist. The series is known for its exploration of moral and ethical dilemmas, as well as its engaging world-building. One of Gardner's notable works is Vigilant, published in 1999, which won the Aurora Award for Best Long-Form Work in English. His storytelling often involves a mix of speculative elements, complex characters, and a touch of humor. Gardner's ability to tackle serious themes with a lighthearted and entertaining approach has endeared him to readers of science fiction and fantasy.

In addition to his novels, James Alan Gardner has contributed short stories to various anthologies and magazines, showcasing his versatility as a writer. He has also explored themes related to artificial intelligence, the nature of consciousness, and the implications of advanced technology in his works. Throughout his career, Gardner has been recognized for his contributions to Canadian speculative fiction, earning awards and nominations for his novels and short stories. His engaging writing style and ability to blend speculative concepts with relatable characters have garnered a dedicated fanbase.


Trapped - League of Peoples Book 6

When a female student at a private school is murdered by an unknown alien organism and her boyfriend suddenly vanishes, teacher Philemon Abud Dhubhai finds himself, along with the murdered girl's mother, a notorious criminal, and five other misfits, in a deadly conspiracy that could threaten Earth's future. Original.

League of Peoples

In the 25th century, under the leadership of the League OF Peoples, war and crime are a thing of the past and life is held sacred. That is, as long as you're healthy and beautiful. Bet those who are deformed, flawed or misfit in any way are destined or is "doomed" a better word? to become Explorers, crews assigned to probe worlds so hostile, the chances of returning are somewhere between slim and none. Four years after Festina Ramos left Melaquin, the "planet of no return" Uclodda Unore arrives. Unore is a hired smuggler tasked with gathering evidence of misconduct of the Technocracy's Outward East. Much to his surprise he discovers that Oar, a resident of the planet and last of her kind, is still alive. Though Oar's glass-like body is indestructible, her mind grows weak and will soon fall victim to apathetic hibernation. Along with her old friend Admiral Festina Ramos, Oar must reveal the trues hist of Melaquin and expose the ugly deeds of the Outward Fleet before her weary mind surrenders.

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