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Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (Jacques Casanova De Seingalt) biography

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, often known simply as Casanova, was an 18th-century Venetian adventurer, author, and womanizer who became famous for his romantic escapades and his memoir, Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life or Memoirs of Casanova). Born on April 2, 1725, in Venice, Casanova led a life that was as colorful as the era in which he lived.

Casanova came from a theatrical family, and despite his initial education for priesthood, he soon abandoned those pursuits in favor of a libertine lifestyle. Fluent in several languages and possessing a charismatic personality, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, engaging in various occupations and liaisons along the way. His reputation as a seducer and his involvement in gambling and financial ventures led to both successes and failures. He spent time in prisons and faced numerous legal challenges. Casanova's adventures took him to cities such as Paris, London, Dresden, and St. Petersburg, where he interacted with royalty, intellectuals, and artists of his time.

The most enduring aspect of Casanova's legacy is his memoir, Histoire de ma vie, which he wrote during the last years of his life. This extensive work provides a vivid account of his experiences, relationships, and the cultural milieu of 18th-century Europe. Casanova wrote with a keen sense of observation, humor, and self-awareness, creating a compelling narrative that offers insights into the social, political, and intellectual aspects of his time.

Despite his many dalliances, Casanova was more than just a notorious libertine. He was an intellectual, a bibliophile, and a polymath who engaged with Enlightenment ideas. His memoir reflects not only the pursuit of pleasure but also his reflections on philosophy, religion, and society. Casanova died on June 4, 1798, in the Duchy of Bohemia. Although his memoir was initially published in a heavily censored form, complete versions have since been made available, revealing the full scope of his remarkable life. Casanova's name has become synonymous with the archetypal lover, and his memoir remains a fascinating and widely read account of a life lived on the edge of societal norms during a transformative period in European history.


Memoirs of Casanova (Histoire de ma vie)

This Tribeca Press edition includes the full original text as well as an easy to use interactive table of contents.

Histoire de ma vie (Story of my Life) is both the memoir and autobiography of Giacomo Casanova, a famous 18th-century Italian adventurer. A previous, bowdlerized version was originally known in English as The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova (from the French Mémoires de Jacques Casanova) until the original version was published in 1960.

Although Casanova was Venetian (born April 2, 1725, in Venice, died June 4, 1798, in Dux, Bohemia, now Duchcov, Czech Republic), the book is written in French, which was the dominant language in the upper class at the time. The book covers Casanova's life only through 1774, although the full title of the book is Histoire de ma vie jusqu'à l'an 1797, (History of my Life until the year 1797).

On February 18, 2010, the National Library of France purchased the 3,700 page manuscript of Histoire de ma vie for approximately €7 million. The manuscript is believed to have been given to Casanova's nephew, Carlo Angiolini, in 1798. The manuscript is believed to contain pages not previously read or published.

From 1838 to 1960, all the editions of the memoirs were derived from one of these editions. Arthur Machen used one of these inaccurate versions for his English translation published in 1894 which remained the Standard English edition for many years.

The original manuscript was stored in the editor's head office in Leipzig until 1943, when after the closure of the office; they were secured in a bank, saving them just before the 1943 bombings of Leipzig. In June 1945, it was moved to the new head office in Wiesbaden by the American troops.

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