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The Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo Da Vinci - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1995


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Jack Dann, born on February 15, 1945, in Johnson City, New York, is an American-Australian author and editor renowned for his contributions to speculative fiction. His diverse and prolific career has spanned decades, and he has made significant contributions to science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. Dann's journey as a writer began in the 1960s, where he emerged within the science fiction and fantasy literary scene. He quickly gained recognition for his innovative storytelling and imaginative narratives. One of his early notable works is the novel Starhiker, published in 1977, which exemplified his ability to blend science fiction elements with a deep exploration of human emotions and relationships.

Over the years, Dann became known for his versatility, seamlessly transitioning between various genres. His works often defied traditional genre boundaries, incorporating elements of historical fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. This eclectic approach is evident in novels like The Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo da Vinci (1995), where he skillfully weaves a tale that merges historical facts with speculative elements. In addition to his novels, Jack Dann has made substantial contributions as an editor, curating anthologies that showcase the works of numerous talented writers. His editorial efforts have played a vital role in shaping the speculative fiction landscape, providing a platform for both established and emerging voices.

Dann's relocation to Australia in the 1990s marked a significant chapter in his life and career. He became an Australian citizen and continued to contribute to the country's literary and speculative fiction community. His engagement with Australian culture and history is reflected in some of his works, demonstrating his ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources. Jack Dann's impact on the speculative fiction genre has earned him accolades, including awards such as the Nebula, World Fantasy, and Aurealis Awards. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and his exploration of the human experience through speculative lenses have solidified his place as a respected and influential figure in the world of speculative fiction. As a writer, editor, and thinker, Jack Dann continues to captivate readers with his unique blend of imagination, historical insight, and storytelling prowess. His enduring legacy is not only in the rich tapestry of his own works but also in his contributions to the broader landscape of speculative fiction.


The Memory Cathedral - A Secret History of Leonardo Da Vinci

Set against a backdrop of Italy and Persia in the 1400s, a story of a lost year in the life of Leonardo da Vinci considers what might have happened had the art master built and flown one of his flying machine models. Reprint.



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