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Empty Cities of The Full Moon - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 2001

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Howard V. Hendrix, born on November 1, 1959, is an American science fiction author and scholar recognized for his contributions to speculative fiction and his academic work in the field of science fiction studies. Hendrix earned his Bachelor's degree in English from Florida State University in 1982 and later obtained a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Riverside. His academic background fueled his passion for exploring the intersection of literature, technology, and culture, a theme that often surfaces in his writing.

In the 1990s, Hendrix emerged as a notable figure in the science fiction literary scene. His novel Lightpaths (1997) garnered attention for its ambitious exploration of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the ethical implications of technological advancement. The novel demonstrated Hendrix's ability to combine speculative elements with philosophical and ethical considerations. Another significant work by Hendrix is the novel Better Angels (1999), which delves into the realms of politics, genetics, and the potential consequences of human genetic engineering. The novel reflects his interest in addressing contemporary social and ethical issues within the framework of science fiction.

Apart from his fiction writing, Howard Hendrix has contributed to the scholarly side of science fiction. He has written essays and articles on science fiction literature and culture, adding his voice to academic discussions on the genre. Hendrix has also been involved in teaching, sharing his knowledge and passion for speculative fiction with students.

In addition to his literary and academic pursuits, Hendrix has been an active participant in science fiction conventions and events, engaging with fans and fellow writers. His presence in both academic and fan communities has contributed to the broader dialogue surrounding the genre. While Howard Hendrix may not be as widely recognized as some other science fiction authors, his work is appreciated for its thought-provoking ideas and the depth with which he explores the implications of technological and societal changes. His contributions to both fiction and scholarship have enriched the world of speculative literature and continue to inspire readers and thinkers alike.

Empty Cities of The Full Moon

Venturing into a universe different from where his previous novels Lightpaths, Standing Wave, and Better Angels were set, Howard V. Hendrix tackles one of life's most enduring What does it mean to be human? In a dramatically altered near-future, the world's newest technology resurrects a plague of apparent global madness that not only destroys ten thousand years of urban civilization, but also creates a world under the sway of the full moon and a human race transformed in astonishing ways.

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