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The Safety Net - Limited First Edition Society - 1981
Stories by Heinrich Böll - Collected Stories of the World's Greatest Writers - 1982


Stories and novellas written by Heinrich Böll between 1947 and 1985. It brings together selections from Böll's earlier collections and some previously unpublished work. The chronological organization represents the entire span of Böll's career, from the stories of the early postwar period, to the masterfully satirical tales of his later years. These diverse, psychologically rich, and morally profound stories explore the consequences of war on individuals and on an entire culture.

The Safety Net
Although Fritz Tolm and his wife Käthe play a representative role in established society, their sympathies are often on the side of their children and their friends. The Tolm family, for example, abandons the most difficult problem to the enormously bloated police apparatus, depending on whether the individuals are more likely to belong to the suspects or the vulnerable or even to both categories. This increases compulsively, as the signs pile up, threatening a new stop. But Fritz Tolm achieves a new clarity.

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