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Harold C. Schonberg biography

Harold C. Schonberg was an influential figure in the world of classical music criticism, renowned for his insightful commentary and profound understanding of the art form. Born on November 29, 1915, in New York City, Schonberg developed a deep passion for music from a young age. After graduating from New York University in 1937, Schonberg began his career in journalism, initially working for the New York Sun before joining The New York Times in 1950. It was at The New York Times where he would make his mark as a music critic, eventually becoming the paper's senior music critic.

Schonberg's writing was characterized by its clarity, depth of knowledge, and engaging style. He had an unparalleled ability to convey the nuances of music to his readers, whether they were seasoned aficionados or newcomers to the genre. His reviews and essays were not only informative but also accessible, making classical music more approachable to a wider audience. One of Schonberg's most significant contributions to music criticism was his book The Lives of the Great Composers, published in 1970. In this seminal work, Schonberg provided biographical sketches of the most important composers in Western music history, offering keen insights into their lives and works. The book became a staple for music lovers and students alike, providing a comprehensive overview of the lives and legacies of these composers.

Throughout his career, Schonberg received numerous accolades for his contributions to music criticism, including the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 1971. He continued to write and lecture on music until his retirement in 1980, leaving behind a rich legacy of scholarship and commentary. Harold C. Schonberg passed away on July 26, 2003, but his influence on music criticism endures to this day. His writings continue to inspire and educate generations of musicians, critics, and music enthusiasts, ensuring that his legacy remains an integral part of the classical music landscape.

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