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The following are books published by Gryphon Editions in the Notable Trials Library series. The Notable Trials Library includes books about famous and important legal trials throughout history. This series contains both full leather and quarter bound volumes.

Notable Trials

Note: Some titles may now be discontinued!

A Brief Narrative of the Case and Trial of John Peter Zenger, Printer of The New York Weekly Journal by James Alexander - 1989
The Affair : The Case of Alfred Dreyfus by Jean-Denis Bredin - 1989
The Trials of Oscar Wilde - H. Montgomery Hyde (editor) - 1989
The Amazing Crime and Trial of Leopold & Loeb by Marueen McKernan - 1989
The Trial of Lizzie Borden With a History of the Case by Edmund Pearson - 1989
The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators by Ben Pitman - 1989
The Court - Martial of the Bounty Mutineers by Owen Rutter - 1989
The Lindbergh Kidnapping : The Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptman - Sidney B. Whipple (editor) - 1989
The Andersonville Prison Trial / the Trial of Captain Henry Wirz by General N. P. Chipman - 1990
The Sacco -Vanzetti Case by Osmond K. Fraenkel - 1990
Trial of King Charles the First - J. G. Muddiman (editor) - 1990
Report of the Trial of Professor John W. Webster, Indicted for the Murder of Doctor George Parkman by James W. Stone - 1990
The Nuremberg Trial by John and Anne Tusa - 1990
Reversal of Fortune : Inside The Von Bulow Case - 1990
The Mignonette Case : Regina Vs. Dudley and Stephens - 1990
The Scopes Trial : The World's Most Famous Trial - Tennessee Evolution Case - 1990
The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc (Trial of Joan of Arc) by W. P. Barrett - 1991
The Trial of Guy Fawkes and Others : The Gunpowder Plot - Donald L. Carswell (editor) - 1991
The Leo Frank Case / The Tennessean Special News Section Sunday, March 7, 1982 by Leonard Dinnerstein - 1991
The Galileo Affair : A Documentary History by Maurice A. Finocchiaro - 1991
The Trial of Bernhard Goetz : A Crime of Self Defense by Osmond K. Fraenkel - 1991
Gideon's Trumpet by Anthony Lewis - 1991
The End of Obscenity : The Trials of Lady Chatterley, Tropic of Cancer and Fanny Hill by Charles Rembar - 1991
Jerry Falwell Vs. Larry Flynt : The First Amendment on Trial by Rodney A. Smolla - 1991
The Trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen - Filson Young (editor) - 1991
The Trial of Captain Kidd - Graham Brooks (editor) - 1992
Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases 1648 to 1706 by George Lincoln Burr - 1992
Evil Angels : The Dingo Took My Baby Trial by John Bryson - 1992
The Trial of Aaron Burr by J. J. Coombs - 1992
The Trial of Ezra Pound : A Documented Account of the Treason Case by the Defendant's Lawyer by Julien Cornell - 1992
The Oppenheimer Case : The Trial of a Security System by Chares P. Curtis - 1992
The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson by David Miller Dewitt - 1992
The Queen Vs. Louis Riel - 1992
The Boys from New Jersey : How the Mob Beat the Feds by Robert Rudolph - 1992
The Baccarat Case : Gordon-Cumming Vs. Wilson and Others - W. Teignmouth Shore (editor) - 1992
The Trial of Jack Ruby by John Kaplan and Jon R. Waltz - 1992
The King's Trial : The French Revolution Vs. Louis XVI by David P. Jordan - 1993
The Official Report of the Trial of Sarah Jane Robinson for the Murder of Prince Arthur Freeman by Gerald Langford - 1993
The My Lai Inquiry by W. R. Peers - 1993
Justice on Trial : The Case of Louis D. Brandeis by A. L. Todd - 1993
A Slight Case of Libel : Meacher Vs. Trelford and Others by Alan Watkins - 1993
Teapot Dome by John Starr and W. R. Werner - 1993
Report of the Select Committee of the Senate to Inquire into the Late Invasion and Seizure of the Public Property at Harper's Ferry - 1993
Reckless Disregard : Westmoreland Vs. CBS et al.; Sharon by Renata Adler - 1994
Somebody is Lying : The Story of Dr. X by Myron Farber - 1994
Roe Vs. Wade : The Untold Story of the Landmark Supreme Court Decision That Made Abortion Legal by Marian Faux - 1994
Debaters and Dynamiters : The Story of the Haywood Trial by David H. Grover - 1994
The Trial of William Joyce - J. W. Hall (editor) - 1994
Simple Justice : The history of Brown Vs. Board of Education and Black America's Struggle for Equality by Richard Kluger - 1994
The Trial of Socrates by I. F. Stone - 1994
The Trial of Madame Caillaux by Edward Berenson - 1995
The People Vs. Clarence Darrow : The Bribery Trial of America's Greatest Lawyer by Geoffrey Cowan - 1995
The Murder of Herodes and Other Trials from the Athenian Law Courts by Kathleen Freeman - 1995
Case of Dred Scott verses John F.A. Sandford, 1856 by Benjamin C. Howard - 1995
Landru by F. A. Mackenzie - 1995
Behind Bakke : Affirmative Action and the Supreme Court by Bernard Schwartz - 1995
Perjury The Hiss-Chambers Case by Allen Weinstein - 1995
The Anatomy of a Constitutional Law Case : Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Vs. Sawyer, The Steel Seizure Decision by Alan F. Westin - 1995
The Trial of the U2 : Court Proceedings of the Case of Francis Gary Powers - 1995
The Trial of Bukharin by George Katkov - 1996
The Murder of Stanford White by Gerald Langford - 1996
Report of the Trial of William Henry Theodore Durrant by Edgar Peixotto - 1996
Fighting Faiths : The Abrams Case, the Supreme Court, and Free Speech by Richard Polenberg - 1996
The Trial of the Assassin Guiteau by Charles E. Rosenberg - 1996
Burke and Hare by William Roughead - 1996
Bending The Law : The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy by Richard B. Sobol - 1996
The Papers and the Papers : An Account of the Legal and Political Battle Over the Pentagon Papers by Sanford J. Ungar - 1996
The Trial of the Templars by Malcolm Barber - 1997
The Abuse of Innocence : The McMartin Preschool Trial by Paul and Shirley Eberle - 1997
Trial of the Officers and Crew of the Schooner Savannah by A. F. Warburton - 1997
The Trial of Martin Luther King by Alan F. Westin & Barry Mahoney - 1997
Report of the Case of George C. Hersey by James M. W. Yerrinton - 1997
Eden Versus Whistler : The Baronet & the Butterfly, A Valentine with a Verdict - 1997
The Trial of Susan B. Anthony on the Charge of Illegal Voting at the Presidential Election in November 1972 - 1997
The Great Conspiracy Trial : An Essay on Law, Liberty and the Constitution by Jacob Epstein - 1998
The Briar Patch : The People of the State of New York Vs. Lumumba Shakur et al. by Murray Kempton - 1998
Our Guys : The Glen Ridge Rape and the Secret Life of the Perfect Suburb by Bernard Lefkowitz - 1998
The Truth about the Nagy Affair : Facts, Documents, Comments by Albert Camus (preface) - 1999
Un-American Activities : The Trials of William Remington by Gary May - 1999
The Rosenberg File : A Search for Truth by  Ronald Radosh and Joyce Milton - 1999
The Insanity File : The Case of Mary Todd Lincoln by Mark Neely, Jr. and E. Gerald McMurtry - 1999
Voltaire & the Calas Case by Edna Nixon - 1999
Inside a Class Action : The Holocaust and the Swiss Bank by James Schapiro - 1999
The Life, Trial, and Death of Francisco Ferrer by William Archer - 2000
The Scottsboro Case by Dan T. Carter - 2000
The "Counterfeit" Man: The True Story of the Boorn-Colvin Murder Case by Gerald W. McFarland - 2000
A Chair for Wayne Lonergan by Hamilton Darby Perry - 2000
Red Scare in Court : New York versus the International Workers Order by Arthur J. Sabin - 2000
The Trial of Queen Caroline by Roger Fulford - 2001
The Votes that Counted : How the Court Decided the 2000 Bush Vs. Gore Presidential Election by Howard Gillman - 2001
A House in Gross Disorder : Sex, Law, and the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven by Cynthia B. Herrup - 2001
Ten Rillington Place by Ludovic Kennedy - 2001
History of the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770 by Frederic Kidder - 2001
The Impeachment & Trial of President Clinton by Merrill McLoughlin - 2001
The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth by Max Radin - 2001
Ghost Dancing the Law : The Wounded Knee Trials by John W. Sayer - 2001
Coals of Fire : The Alton Telegraph Libel Case by Thomas B. Littlewood - 2002
A Rumor of Revolt : The "Great Negro Plot" by Thomas J. Davis - 2002
The Great Lobster War by Ron Formisano - 2002
Crisis in Freedom: The Alien and Sedition Acts by John C. Miller - 2002
The Trial of the Duchess of Kingston - Lewis Melville (editor) - 2002
Royal Mail Case : Rex Vs. Lord Kylsant, & Another - Collin Brooks (editor) - 2003
Lost Love; True Story of Passion, Murder and Justice in Old New York by George Cooper - 2003
The Billy Mitchell Affair by Burke Davis - 2003
Eight Men Out : The Chicago Blacksox Case by Eliot Asinof and Stephen Jay Gould - 2003
Deliberate Intent : a Lawyer Tells the True Story of Murder by the Book by Rod Smolla - 2003
Lessons from the Trial : The People Vs. O. J. Simpson by Gerald F. Uelmen - 2003
The Power to Harm by John Cornwell - 2004
The Irving Judgment : David Irving Vs. Penguin Books and Professor Deborah Lipstadt - 2004
The Bloody Assizes - J. G. Muddiman (editor) - 2004
The Greer Case : A True Court Drama by David W. Peck - 2004
The Poison Tree : A True Story of Family Violence and Revenge by Alan Prendergast - 2004
The Lost German Slave Girl by John Bailey - 2005
How Charles Bravo Died : The Chronicle of a Cause Celebre by Yseult Bridges - 2005
Poison Widows : A True Story of Witchcraft, Arsenic, and Murder by George Cooper - 2005
The Unlawful Concert : An Account of the Presidio Mutiny Case by Fred Gardner - 2005
The Trial of Patrolman Thomas Shea by Thomas Hauser - 2005
Trial of Oscar Slater - William Roughead (editor) - 2005
Class Action : The Story of Lois Jenson & the Landmark Case that Changed Sexual Harassment Law by Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler - 2006
Arc of Justice : A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age by Kevin Boyle - 2006
To An Unknown God : Religious Freedom on Trial by Garrett Epps - 2006
The Collaborator : The Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach by Alice Kaplan - 2006
The People Vs. Big Tobacco : How The States Took on The Big Tobacco Giants by Carrick Mollenkamp - 2006
Judgement at Gallatin : The Trial of Frank James by Gerard S. Petrone - 2006
Contempt of Court : The Turn-of-the-Century Lynching that Launched 100 Years of Federalism by Mark Curriden and Leroy Phillips - 2006
The Smoking Gun by Gerry Spence - 2007
Scapegoats of The Empire : The Trial of Breaker Morant by George Witton - 2007
Midnight Assassin : A Murder in America's Heartland by Patricia Bryan and Thomas Wolf - 2008
The Trial of Rattenbury and Stoner - 2008
The United States Vs. I Lewis Libby by Murray Waas and Jeff Lomanaco - 2009

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