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The following are books published by Gryphon Editions in the Legal Classics Library series. The Legal Classics Library includes famous law books, political books, legal books and books about important legal trials. Each book in this series is bound in full genuine leather.

Legal Classics Library

Note: Some titles may now be discontinued!
The Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts by Thomas G. Barnes - 1982
Cardozo on the Law by Benjamin N. Cardozo - 1982
The Common Law and Other Writings by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. - 1982
The History of English Law before the time of Edward I by Frederic William Maitland and Sir Frederick Pollock - 2 volumes - 1982
An Historical Essay on the Magna Charta of King John by Richard Thomson - 1982
Ancient Law: Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and Its Relation to Modern Ideas - 1982
The Code Napoleon by Bryant Barrett - 1983
Commentaries on the Laws of England bySir William Blackstone - 4 volumes - 1983
The Federalist : A Collection of Essays, Written in Favor of the New Constitution by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison - 1983
A Selection of Cases on the Law of Contracts with References and Citations by C. C. Langdell - 1983
The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators by Benn Pitman - 1983
The Art of Cross-Examination : With the cross-examinations of important witnesses in some celebrated cases by Francis Lewis Wellman - 1983
The Province of Jurisprudence Determined by John Austin - 1984
De Laudibus Legum Angliae : A Treatise in Commendation of the Laws of England by Sir John Chancellor Fortescue - 1984
The Law of War and Peace by Hugo Grotius - 1984
Speeches of Lord Erskine While At the Bar - James L. High (editor) - 2 volumes - 1984
The Spirit of Laws by Baron De Montesquieu - 2 volumes - 1984
Great American Law Reviews (3 volumes) - 1984
The Scopes Trial : The World's Most Famous Court Trail, The Tennessee Evolution Case - 1984
Lectures on the Relation Between Law and Public Opinion in England during the Nineteenth Century by A. V. Dicey - 1985
Law and the Modern Mind by Jerome Frank - 1985
The Nature and Sources of the Law by John Chipman Gray - 1985
The Institutes of Justinian by J. B. Moyle - 1985
The Spirit of the Common Law & Other Writings by Roscoe Pound - 1985
The Trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen - Filson Young (editor) - 1985
An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation by Jeremy Bentham - 1986
Of the Vocation of Our Age for Legislation and Jurisprudence by Frederick Charles von Savigny - 1986
A Treatise of The Court of Star Chamber by William Hudson - 1986
Commentaries on American Law by James Kent - 1986
Karl Nickerson Llewellyn on Legal Realism Including the Bramble Bush - 1986
The American Commonwealth by James Bryce - 2 volumes - 1987
Constitutional Limitations by Thomas M. Cooley - 1987
The History and Analysis of the Common Law of England by Matthew Hale - 1987
The Trial of William Joyce by J. W. Hall - 1987
Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters by C. H. W. Johns - 1987
A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity by Issac Ray - 1987
A Penal Code Prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners and Published by Command of the Governor General of India in Council - 1987
St. Thomas Aquinas on Law and Justice: Excerpts from Summa Theologica - 1988
De Laudibus : in Praise of the Laws of England by Sir John Chancellor Fortescue - 1988
Doctor and Student by Christopher Saint Germain - 1988
Historical Law Tracts by Henry Home - 1988
Treatise on the Contract of Sale by R. J. Pothier - 1988
Military Law and Precedents by William Wintrop - 1988
The Spirit of Liberty Papers and Addresses / An Introduction and Notes Together With The Bill of Rights by Irving Dilliard - 1989
Records of the Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 as Reported by James Madison by Charles Tansill - 1989
Utopia With the Dialogue of Comfort by Thomas More - 1989
The Order of the Coif by Alexander Pulling - 1989
The Table-Talk of John Selden by John Selden - 1989
An Essay on the Trial by Jury by Lysander Spooner - 1989
The Great Speeches and Orations of Daniel Webster by Daniel Webster and Edwin P. Whipple - 1989
Freedom of Speech by Zecharia Chafee Jr. - 1990
The Concept of Law by H. L. A. Hart - 1990
General Theory of Law and State by Hans Kelsen - 1990
Honorable Justice : The Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes by Sheldon M. Novick - 1990
Sources of Our Liberties by Richard L. Perry and John C. Cooper - 1990
The Old Munster Circuit - A Book of Memories and Traditions by Maurice Healy - 1991
Gideon's Trumpet by Anthony Lewis - 1991
A System of Penal Law for the State of Louisiana by Edward Livingston - 1991
The Struggle for Law by Rudolph von Jhering - 1991
The Republic by Plato - 1991
Elements of International Law by Henry Wheaton - 1991
Law in the Making by Carleton Kemp Allen - 1992
The Cheyenne Way: Conflict and Case Law in Primitive Jurisprudence by K.N. Llewellyn and E. Adamson Hoebel - 1992
Areopagitica : A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, to the Parliament of England - 1992
The Queen Vs. Louis Riel by Desmond Morton - 1992
The Supreme Court : How it Was, how it is by William H. Rehnquist - 1992
A Familiar Exposition of The Constitution of The United States by Joseph Story - 1992
The Supreme Court in the United States by Charles Warren - 1992
The Modern Corporation and Private Property by Adolf A. Berle and C. Means Gardiner - 1993
A Disquisition on Government and A Discourse on The Constitution and Government of The United States by John C. Calhoun - 1993
On The Duty of Man and Citizen According to Natural Law by Samuel von Pufendorf - 1993
The Law of Nations or The Principles of Natural Law Applied to The Conduct and to The Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns by E. de Vattel - 1993
Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics by Woodrow Wilson - 1993
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft - 1993
The Oracles of the Law by John P. Dawson - 1994
The Laws and Jurisprudence of England and America by John F. Dillon - 1994
Two Treatises of Government by John Locke - 1994
Men and Books Famous in the Law by Frederick C. Hicks - 1994
Simple Justice: Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka by Richard Kluger - 1994
Legal and Political Hermeneutics by Francis Lieber - 1994
Crime : Its Causes and Remedies by Cesare Lombroso - 1994
The Essays of Michael Seigneur De Montaigne - 1994
The Trial of King Charles I edited by J. G. Muddiman - 1994
The Political Works of James I - 1994
The Works of Walter Begehot: The English Constitution - 1995
The Principles of Natural Law / The Principles of Politic Law by J. J. Burlamaqui - 1995
The Collected Papers of Paul Vinogradoff by Paul Vinogradoff and H. A. L. Fisher - 2 volumes - 1995
The Murder of Herodes and Other Trials From The Athenian Courts by Kathleen Freeman - 1995
Lieber's Code and The Law Of War by Richard Shelly Hartigan - 1995
Laws of the Cherokee Nation by John Phillip Reid - 1995
Law : It's Origin, Growth and Function by James Coolidge Carter - 1996
Lincoln The Lawyer by Frederick Trevor - 1996
The Anatomy of a Constitutional Law Case by Alan F. Westin - 1996
The Death of Contract : The Ages of American Law by Grant Gilmore - 1997
Francisco de Vitoria and His Law of Nations - 1999
Lectures Introductory to The Study of Law of The Constitution by A. V. Dicey - 1999
Francisco De Vitoria and his Law of Nations by James Brown Scott - 1999
Apokrimata Decisions of Septimius Severus on Legal Matters - 1999
The Reasons of the Laws of Moses From More Nevochim of Maimonides by James Townley - 2000
Armaments and Arbitration or The Place of Force in The International Relations of States by Alfred Thayer Mahan - 2000
Famous Cases of Circumstantial Evidence by Samuel March Phillips - 2000
The Constitutional History of England by Frederic William Maitland - 2000
The Struggle for Judicial Supremacy : A study of a crisis in American power politics by Robert Houghwout Jackson - 2000
Shaping the Common Law from Glanvill to Hale, 1188 - 1688 by Thomas Barnes - 2001
Law and The Social Order Essays in Legal Philosophy by Morris Raphael Cohen - 2001
Concerning Justice by Lucilius Emery - 2001
Political Theories of the Middle Age by Otto Friedrich von Gierke - 2001
John Marshall in Diplomacy and Law by Lord Craigmyle - 2001
Studies in Biblical Law by David Daube - 2002
The Constitution of England by J. L. DeLolme - 2002
The Lawyer in Literature by John Marshall Gest - 2002
Law as Logic and Experience by Max Radin - 2002
The Law and the Poor by Edward Abbott Parry - 2002
The Chief Sources of English Legal History by Sir Percy Henry Winfield - 2002
The Formal Bases of Law by Giorgio Del Vecchio - 2003
Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning and Other Legal Essays by Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld - 2003
The Law in Shakespeare by Cushman K. Davis - 2003
The Evolution of the Constitution of the United States by Sydney George Fisher - 2003
The Grand Jury an Essay by Geroge J. Edwards - 2003
The High Court of Parliament and its Supremacy by Charles Howard McIlwain - 2003
Law and its Administration by Harlan Fiske Stone - 2004
The American Revolution : A Constitutional Interpretation by Charles Howard McIlwain - 2004
The Irving Judgement : David Irving v. Penguin Books and Professor Deborah Lipstadt - 2004
A Black and White Case : How Affirmative Action Survived It's Greatest Legal Challenge by Greg Stohr - 2004
A Brief Narrative of the Case and Trial of John Peter Zenger Printer of the New York Weekly Journal by James Alexander (editor) - 2004
The American Republic Its Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny by Orestes Augustus Brownson - 2005
The Lost German Slave Girl by John Bailey - 2005
A Manual of Criminal Law Including the Mode of Procedure by which it is Enforced by Emory Washburn - 2005
Hue and Cry : The Story of Henry and John Fielding by Patrick Pringle - 2005
The Unlawful Concert An Account of the Presidio Mutiny Case by Fred Gardner - 2005
The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth by Max Radin - 2005
The American Constitution As it Protects Private Rights by Frederic Jesup Stimson - 2005
Bractonian Problems by Hermann Kantorowicz - 2006
The Collaborator : The Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach by Alice Kaplan - 2006
Daniel Webster by Henry Cabot Lodge - 2006
The Morality of Law by Lon L. Fuller - 2006
Common-Sense in Law by Paul Vinogradoff - 2006
Courts and Doctors by Lloyd Paul Stryker - 2007

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