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Queen of Angels - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1990
Blood Music - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1990
Anvil of Stars - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1992
Foundations and Chaos - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1998
Darwin's Radio - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1999
Moving Mars - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 2001
Vitals - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2001
Dead Lines - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2004
Quantico - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2006
Mariposa - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2009

Greg Bear biography

Greg Bear, born on August 20, 1951, in San Diego, California, is an American science fiction author celebrated for his imaginative and thought-provoking works. Over the course of his prolific career, Bear has received acclaim for his contributions to the science fiction genre, earning prestigious awards for his novels and short stories. Greg Bear's interest in science fiction emerged early in his life, and by the age of 15, he had already sold his first science fiction story. He attended San Diego State University but left before completing his degree to pursue a writing career.

Bear's literary career took off in the 1970s with the publication of his early novels, such as Hegira (1979) and The Forge of God (1987). He gained widespread recognition for his novel Blood Music (1985), a groundbreaking work that explores nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. The novella version of Blood Music won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Greg Bear continued to produce a series of influential and highly regarded science fiction novels. Notable works from this period include Eon (1985) and its sequels, exploring themes of time travel and parallel universes, and Queen of Angels (1990), a novel that delves into artificial intelligence, psychology, and the future of human consciousness. In the 1980s and 1990s, Bear's narrative scope expanded with the publication of ambitious series like The Forge of God (1987) and The Way (1989). These works exemplify his penchant for tackling grand themes, such as the fate of humanity in the face of cosmic forces and the exploration of alternate dimensions.

Eon  was first published in 1985 and is the first book in Bear's The Way series. The novel explores themes of time travel, alternate realities, and the implications of advanced technology on human society. The story is set in the near future when an asteroid appears in Earth's orbit, and scientists discover that it is a gateway to a vast, enigmatic structure known as the "Stone." The Stone is a cylindrical object containing a seemingly endless series of chambers and passages. The discovery of the Stone leads to a multinational effort to explore and understand its mysteries. As the narrative unfolds, Eon delves into complex scientific and philosophical concepts, including the nature of time and the possibilities of alternate timelines. The novel received critical acclaim for its imaginative world-building, scientific rigor, and intricate plot. Eon is followed by two sequels, Eternity and Legacy, which further explore the mysteries introduced in the first book. Collectively, the trilogy is often praised for its ambitious scope and inventive take on speculative fiction.

In the 2000s and beyond, Bear's writing continued to evolve, incorporating themes of biology, evolution, and the impact of technology on society. Darwin's Radio (1999) and its sequel Darwin's Children (2003) are examples of Bear's exploration of biological and genetic themes. Darwin's Radio which delves into the mysteries of human evolution and the potential impact of ancient viruses, brought him further critical acclaim, earning both the Nebula and Hugo Awards. The exploration of scientific ideas within the framework of engaging storytelling has been a hallmark of Bear's career.

Bear's ability to blend scientific rigor with compelling storytelling has earned him a reputation as one of the preeminent "hard science fiction" authors. His works often delve into the cutting-edge developments in science and technology, providing readers with both thrilling narratives and speculative visions of the future. In addition to his novels, Greg Bear has also contributed to collaborative projects, co-authoring books with fellow science fiction writers and participating in shared universes.

Beyond his novels, Bear has also contributed to shared universes, collaborating with other science fiction luminaries. His works often combine scientific rigor with imaginative speculation, inviting readers to contemplate the possibilities of the future and the mysteries of the cosmos. Greg Bear's influence extends beyond his literary endeavors; he has been an active participant in discussions about the future of science fiction and the evolving landscape of scientific discovery. As an author who has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, Bear's contributions have left an indelible mark on the imaginations of readers and the tapestry of contemporary science fiction literature.

Greg Bear remains an influential figure in the world of science fiction.

Queen of Angels

In this brilliant, evocative novel, Greg Bear takes the reader into a strangely familiar, near-future world and shatters our conceptions of perfection, punishment, and the elusive nature of the human soul.

Moving Mars - Queen of Angels Book 3

Moving Mars is a story of human courage and love set within the greater saga of a planetary liberation movement. Mars is a colonial world, governed by corporate interests on Earth. The citizens of Mars are hardworking, but held back by their lack of access to the best education, and the desire of the Earthly powers to keep the best new inventions for themselves. The young Martians the second and third generations born on Mars have little loyalty to Earth, and a strong belief that their planet can be independent. The revolution begins slowly, but will grow in power over decades of political struggle until it becomes irresistible. Told through the eyes of an extraordinary character, Casseia Majumdar, a daughter of one of Mars' oldest, most conservative Binding Multiples, Moving Mars is Greg Bear's brilliant conception of the human colonization of the red planet, with lovingly painted details and a grand historical sweep, embellishing an audacious scientific speculation.

Blood Music

Blood Music the book was originally published as a short story in 1983 and later expanded into a full-length novel, which was published in 1985. The novel is known for its exploration of nanotechnology and its impact on humanity. The story revolves around a genetic researcher named Vergil Ulam who modifies his own lymphocytes into intelligent, microscopic entities called "noocytes." These noocytes exhibit collective intelligence and self-awareness, and they quickly evolve beyond Ulam's control. As the noocytes multiply and spread, they transform the world and its inhabitants in ways that challenge traditional concepts of life, intelligence, and existence. 

Blood Music is considered a classic in the science fiction genre, exploring themes of evolution, consciousness, and the potential consequences of advanced biotechnology. The novel won the Nebula Award for Best Novella in 1983 and has left a lasting impact on discussions about the societal implications of emerging technologies. Vergil Ulam has created cellular material that can outperform rats in laboratory tests. When the authorities rule that he has exceeded his authorization, Vergil loses his job, but is determined to take his discovery with him.

This is a novel Greg Bear wrote in 1985. For novelette by the same name written in 1983 and published in Analog magazine.

Anvil of Stars - Forge of God Book 2

In this sequel to The Forge of God (Tor, 1988), Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Greg Bear presents an astonishing, visionary epic of wonder, terror, and excitement as humanity tries to defend itself from an alien threat. Next to Anvil of Stars, most novels of space war look like garish cartoons....

Foundations and Chaos - Second Foundation Trilogy Book 2

A major science fiction author continues one of the most famous SF stories of all time.

Darwin's Radio

“Virus hunter” Christopher Dicken is a man on a mission, following a trail of rumors, government cover-ups, and dead bodies around the globe in search of a mysterious disease that strikes only pregnant women and invariably results in miscarriage. But when Dicken finds what he’s looking for, the answer proves to be stranger and far deadlier than he ever could have imagined. Something that has slept in human DNA for millions of years is waking up.


Blending fierce, fast plots with vivid characters and mind-bending ideas, Greg Bear has mastered a powerful alchemy of suspense, science, and action in his gripping thrillers. Darwin’s Radio was hailed across the country as one of the best books of the year. His newest novel, Vitals, begins with a harrowing descent to a netherworld at the very bottom of the sea and then explodes to the surface in sheer terror.

Dead Lines

With his acclaimed novels Darwin’s Children and Vitals , award-winning author Greg Bear turned intriguing speculation about human evolution and immortality into tales of unrelenting suspense. Now he ventures into decidedly more frightening territory in a haunting thriller that blends modern technology and old-fashioned terror, as it charts one man’s inexorable descent into a world of mounting supernatural dread.

For the last two years, Peter Russell has mourned the death of one of his twin daughters who was just ten when she was murdered. Recent news of his best friend’s fatal heart attack has now come as another devastating blow. Divorced, despondent, and going nowhere in his career, Peter fears his life is circling the drain. Then Trans comes along. The brainchild of an upstart telecom company, Trans is (as its name suggests) a transcendent a sleek, handheld interpersonal communication device capable of flawless operation anywhere in the world, at any time. “A cell phone, but not” transmitting with crystal clarity across a newly discovered, never-utilized bandwidth . . . and poised to spark a new-technology revolution. When its creators offer Peter a position on their team, it should be a golden opportunity for him. If only he wasn’t seemingly going mad.

Everywhere Peter turns, inexplicable apparitions are walking before him or reaching out in torment. After a chilling encounter with his own lost child he begins to grasp the terrifying Trans is a Pandora’s box that has tapped into a frequency not of this world . . . but of the next. And now, via this open channel to oblivion, the dead have gained access to the living. For Peter, and for humankind, a long, shadowy night of the soul has descended, bringing with it the stuff of a horrifying nightmare from which they may never awaken.

By turns spine-tingling, provocative, and heart-wrenching, Dead Lines marks a major turning point in the consistently dazzling storytelling career of Greg Bear. Alongside its hero, Dead Lines peers into the darkest place we can imagine and wonders fearfully what might be peering back.

Quantico - Quantum Logic Book 1

It’s the second decade of the twenty-first century, and terrorism has escalated almost beyond control. New weapons are being spawned in remote basement labs, and no one feels safe. In North America, the FBI uses cutting-edge technology to thwart domestic terrorists. The War on Terror has reached a deadly stalemate. The FBI has been dispatched to deal with a new menace. Like the Anthrax threat of 2001, a plague targeted to ethnic groups has the potential to wipe out entire populations. But the FBI itself is under political assault. There’s a good chance that agents William Griffin, Fouad Al-Husam, and Jane Rowland will be part of the last class at Quantico. As the young agents hunt a brilliant homegrown terrorist, they join forces with veteran bio-terror expert Rebecca Rose. But the plot they uncover-and the man they chase-prove far more complex than anyone expects.

Mariposa - Quantum Logic Book 2

In an America driven to near bankruptcy with crushing foreign debt, the Talos Corporation stands out as a major success story training soldiers and security forces from around the world and providing logistics and troops for nearly all branches of the United States government. But Talos has another plan in mind the destruction of the federal system and constitutional law.
Three FBI agents are all that stands between Talos CEO Axel Price and the subversion of our nation. Fouad Al-Husam is working undercover in Lion City, Texas, on the Talos Campus but he may have just overplayed his hand. Agent William Griffin will engage in a desperate diversion to try to rescue Al-Husam, and the top-secret information he literally carries in his blood.

Rebecca Rose is called into action to partner with an unlikely hero: Nathan Trace, one of a team of four who created and programmed the thinking machines that are about to help Axel Price in his plans for domination. Trace and his colleagues were caught up in a violent incident in the Middle East several years ago, and experienced Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. All of them were forcibly enrolled in a treatment program sponsored by Talos Corporation, code-named Mariposa which supposedly cured their PTSD. But now they are beginning to notice unexpected side effects. The Mariposa subjects are being liberated from nearly all human emotions and concerns and all mental limits to become brilliant sociopaths. They are out of control and they must die.

Greg Bear quotes

"Then there is no ultimate reality? Apparently not. Bad hypotheses, those that don't fit what happens on our level, are rejected by the universe. Good ones, powerful ones, are incorporated." - The Forge of God

"Life on earth is hard. Competition for the necessities of life is fierce."

"Science fiction works best when it stimulates debate."

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